Signed with JSW Media Management

Hi All. I just wanted to let everyone know I have signed a personal management contract with JSW Media Group.  For information regarding my rates or to inquire about booking me for your next shoot, please contact Jameka Whitten at (718) 878-7012 or email 



The NY- First Look

Hi All.  My good Friend Chuck Holliday has made me a part of a new Internet Reality series called THE NY. The show is basically about 5 entrepreneurs trying to make it in their respective industries. I am very thankful for Chuck wanting me to be part of this show. As you will be able to tell in this first look, I do love to talk and laugh in my photo-shoots. I just feel people are more natural when they feel comfortable no matter whats going on. I look forward to contributing more to this show in 2008. 

 I hope you all enjoy it and I would love to hear feedback 🙂


Ok Im bored ;-)

Well not really but enough. Now that my shooting schedule has come to a stop ( at least for the time being), I have begun to get into the holiday spirit. This means Christmas card shopping , actual shopping and all the rest of the fan fair involved with the holidays. It is also a time to reflect on everything throughout the year. This year has been a good one. Even with the ups and downs, overall really good. I have lost friends, made new ones, renewed my spirit, connected more with my mom, grew my network and overall grew as a person. I know we all see growth differently, so outwardly, I honestly do not need to grow any more 🙂 but inwardly has been a great journey.  I have also realized how wonderful blogging and keeping a journal is. I started keeping journals when I was in high school and continue on till this day.  It is a wonderful reflection see how much my life has changed and how some things have stayed the same. Writing in a journal is one of the true forms of actually looking in a mirror and seeing you since you right about nothing mostly but you and how things affect you.  I will say my ” mirrors” have definitely shown me in a good light but most times not such a good light especially after reading it later :$ but as they say you live and learn.

I wish everyone a wonderful safe and happy holiday and a fantastic New year.

Last shoot of the Year

Hi All. Yesterday was my last official scheduled shoot for me. It went well but there were some hiccups

1) one agency model flaked (rare, but it happens)

2) one agency model was feeling ill, she came a lil later but her lil diva attitude left kind of a bad taste. I’m not sure where it was coming from. Magali and Eve( Fav makeup artist and Hair stylist respectively) thought maybe she just tested with some bad people. Honestly, it could have been a possibility but still gives no reason to take it out on a crew you have never worked with. Made me wonder a lil how she would be on a booked Job.

3)  Poor Chuck was not able to shoot my segment of TheNY due to problems in his building. That was out of his hands so I think it definitely wasn’t meant to happen. C’est la Vie.

I met a wonderful new stylist, Jani Avery. She is really talented and completely laid back. I would recommend her to any photographers looking for a wardrobe stylist.

Other than the problems listed above, the shoot went fine. I realized that more growing is needed on my photography but I am very much looking forward to it.  I did alot more studio work yesterday and believe learning lighting well is next on the list. I still feel more comfortable shooting outside. But it is getting a lil too cold for that.

Below are some images from yesterday.

Red NYC model- Maya

Level 1 Model - Brian O’hara

Red NYC Model- Leslie


 Level 1 Model- Serge

Big thank you

Afternoon world.. This blog is to pay a huge thank you to all those who have supported me and my photography

1) My mom- my rock and my reinforcement. I thank god I am blessed with such a strong and powerful mom. She may get angry at times but I know it is coming from a good place.

2) Ingrid, Natasha, Peggy, Clarence, Vanessa, Geralda, Joey and Scott – These people are my extended family and they always have been great with giving honest feedback about my growth. I don’t get BS from these people because our bond is stronger than my pride. Love you guys

3) Jason- My soon to be husband( by law), but mentally I have already married him. He has been a wonderful support and I hope I have been a good support for him. We are both photographers so we both know the trials and tribulations of it. We completely help each other grow.

4) Chuck aka Chestnut- Yea yea dude , you know this was coming. One of the first photographers to reach out to me on Modelmayhem. You have been cool with me ever since and has taught me a few things about people in this industry. Thank you.

5) Jameka aka Queen of the Queen city- Lady Meka. You have been a wonderful support and new friend in my life. Thanks for all the advice and help you have given and continue to give. Thanks for taking on a newbie who has high respect for what you do. Don’t worry ’08 and beyond is our new motto 🙂

6) Magali, Sid, Tina,Kamil, Diana,DMC and Dana- These ladies are fantastic Makeup artists in their own rights. Everyone of them I worked with and I would recommend them to anyone. Great personalities and all around great people

7) Tommy”guns”- Tommy you so rock and continue to do so by allowing a newbie get much needed studio experience and being an all around cool guy to work with. You have been an integral part of my growth and for that I give much thanks and You need to change the name to Studio 85 😉

8) Models who never flaked on me- Ladies and Gents you know you are. All of you were amazing to give your time and effort and took a chance on someone just starting out. I give you all much props. For those that flaked, thanks for leaving the door open for those that don’t.

9) ID Models, Level 1 and RED nyc- Thanks to you all for giving me a chance to test with some of the most beautiful and extremely hardworking, respectful and punctual models on the planet.  My work had grown by leaps and bounds by working with these individuals. 

10) Last but not least, the Almighty Creator. Thanks you for blessing me and showing me what is out there for me to have a better outlook on my life as well as the lives of those who I love. You have always been the guiding force and thanks for opening my eyes to finally seeing it.

Below is one of my fav Images to date


All smiles

I found out today that I will be a Featured Talent in a new magazine being published in January 2008. The magazine is called Mirror Mirror and it was started by a young lady I shot in the winter of 2005. I think it is great she remembered me and wanted me to be part of something like this. I am very surprised and thankful. Big shout out to Nicole. I also will be getting credit for the Premier issue cover since she will be using one of the images I shot of her.

Much love to her and Sidory MUA who did the makeup for it. it is very cool to start 2008 with a magazine cover and a tear-sheet.

Did you Hear that?

They say you aint nobody till somebody talks about you. Is that really true? Honestly I have heard whispers about other people within the industry and whenever I hear certain things about other people, it makes me laugh. People do some things in this industry that really boggles my mind. Did you actually think no one would find out or know about how shiesty and conivining and vindictive and spiteful and whoreish you act? You in this sense is listed as a collective because of what I have heard, lots and lots of people fall into those adjectives I have described. Now I am not an angel but I have not done anything in this industry to people to make them give me sideways looks. I will tell you honestly I respect those who respect themselves and others who have helped them get to where they are. As for those that stepped on others to get to the top, the fall from grace is a hard one and the ones you met on the way up are the same you meet on the way down. I know we cant all be friends and chummy, but a mutual respect is all I ask.  Now as for what I have heard about me, I have been told that I have this aura of being a tough cookie and not tolerating alot of shit from trifling individuals. Funny thing, that’s me in my life and being a photographer, my philosophy is not going to be different. I don’t like dealing with trifling people. When I first started , it amazed me how people would flake on me and not show up. I did get angry and upset but after-awhile, I just began to keep a list of models who flaked and believe, I still have it to this day. My growth in this industry I consider a collective meaning if I have an opportunity to help those who have helped me, I will. I don’t believe in its all mine.. there is money out there for everybody and I believe in sharing the wealth.  For those that are selfish and self contained in your ways, you really won’t get anywhere. You will always be looking over your shoulder wondering who is going to be better than you. I don’t want to live my life like that. Please remember, Karma is not a bitch. You only get back what you put out there.

New Business

well new place , new setup, new business.  Hello world. Just another friendly neighborhood blogger from Brooklyn NY. The borough of kings with plenty of queens of which I am one 🙂 This blog will be about mostly my new business, Draco photography. Yes I am a photographer and by the grace of god and the muses, I am blessed to have come so far in 2 years. Believe when I say the road hasn’t been easy but I will say I have grown significantly. I now realize that some people aren’t to be trusted, people want everything for free and people will treat you like shit when they don’t think you are worth their time. They say revenge a dish best served cold but I believe the best revenge is living well and loving yourself and your life.  I hope to continue this journey and I have enlisted the help of people like Jameka of for marketing and management advice, Tracy of to build my website, Chuck of for photographic advice, my husband Jason of for advice and support. There are plenty of people who have been incremental of my growth process as well such as Magali of and every model I have worked with including the NYC modeling agencies I now test with

ID models

Level 1 Model Mgmt


I have been  also reading this book called ” The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. This should be a must read for anyone going in to the artistic world. It will help you realize you  are not the only one to go through it and will help you realize how your attitude should be about you.

I am glad I get to introduce myself to a new community of people who have things to share and I look forward to sharing with you all.