Did you Hear that?

They say you aint nobody till somebody talks about you. Is that really true? Honestly I have heard whispers about other people within the industry and whenever I hear certain things about other people, it makes me laugh. People do some things in this industry that really boggles my mind. Did you actually think no one would find out or know about how shiesty and conivining and vindictive and spiteful and whoreish you act? You in this sense is listed as a collective because of what I have heard, lots and lots of people fall into those adjectives I have described. Now I am not an angel but I have not done anything in this industry to people to make them give me sideways looks. I will tell you honestly I respect those who respect themselves and others who have helped them get to where they are. As for those that stepped on others to get to the top, the fall from grace is a hard one and the ones you met on the way up are the same you meet on the way down. I know we cant all be friends and chummy, but a mutual respect is all I ask.  Now as for what I have heard about me, I have been told that I have this aura of being a tough cookie and not tolerating alot of shit from trifling individuals. Funny thing, that’s me in my life and being a photographer, my philosophy is not going to be different. I don’t like dealing with trifling people. When I first started , it amazed me how people would flake on me and not show up. I did get angry and upset but after-awhile, I just began to keep a list of models who flaked and believe, I still have it to this day. My growth in this industry I consider a collective meaning if I have an opportunity to help those who have helped me, I will. I don’t believe in its all mine.. there is money out there for everybody and I believe in sharing the wealth.  For those that are selfish and self contained in your ways, you really won’t get anywhere. You will always be looking over your shoulder wondering who is going to be better than you. I don’t want to live my life like that. Please remember, Karma is not a bitch. You only get back what you put out there.


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