New Business

well new place , new setup, new business.  Hello world. Just another friendly neighborhood blogger from Brooklyn NY. The borough of kings with plenty of queens of which I am one 🙂 This blog will be about mostly my new business, Draco photography. Yes I am a photographer and by the grace of god and the muses, I am blessed to have come so far in 2 years. Believe when I say the road hasn’t been easy but I will say I have grown significantly. I now realize that some people aren’t to be trusted, people want everything for free and people will treat you like shit when they don’t think you are worth their time. They say revenge a dish best served cold but I believe the best revenge is living well and loving yourself and your life.  I hope to continue this journey and I have enlisted the help of people like Jameka of for marketing and management advice, Tracy of to build my website, Chuck of for photographic advice, my husband Jason of for advice and support. There are plenty of people who have been incremental of my growth process as well such as Magali of and every model I have worked with including the NYC modeling agencies I now test with

ID models

Level 1 Model Mgmt


I have been  also reading this book called ” The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. This should be a must read for anyone going in to the artistic world. It will help you realize you  are not the only one to go through it and will help you realize how your attitude should be about you.

I am glad I get to introduce myself to a new community of people who have things to share and I look forward to sharing with you all.


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