Big thank you

Afternoon world.. This blog is to pay a huge thank you to all those who have supported me and my photography

1) My mom- my rock and my reinforcement. I thank god I am blessed with such a strong and powerful mom. She may get angry at times but I know it is coming from a good place.

2) Ingrid, Natasha, Peggy, Clarence, Vanessa, Geralda, Joey and Scott – These people are my extended family and they always have been great with giving honest feedback about my growth. I don’t get BS from these people because our bond is stronger than my pride. Love you guys

3) Jason- My soon to be husband( by law), but mentally I have already married him. He has been a wonderful support and I hope I have been a good support for him. We are both photographers so we both know the trials and tribulations of it. We completely help each other grow.

4) Chuck aka Chestnut- Yea yea dude , you know this was coming. One of the first photographers to reach out to me on Modelmayhem. You have been cool with me ever since and has taught me a few things about people in this industry. Thank you.

5) Jameka aka Queen of the Queen city- Lady Meka. You have been a wonderful support and new friend in my life. Thanks for all the advice and help you have given and continue to give. Thanks for taking on a newbie who has high respect for what you do. Don’t worry ’08 and beyond is our new motto 🙂

6) Magali, Sid, Tina,Kamil, Diana,DMC and Dana- These ladies are fantastic Makeup artists in their own rights. Everyone of them I worked with and I would recommend them to anyone. Great personalities and all around great people

7) Tommy”guns”- Tommy you so rock and continue to do so by allowing a newbie get much needed studio experience and being an all around cool guy to work with. You have been an integral part of my growth and for that I give much thanks and You need to change the name to Studio 85 😉

8) Models who never flaked on me- Ladies and Gents you know you are. All of you were amazing to give your time and effort and took a chance on someone just starting out. I give you all much props. For those that flaked, thanks for leaving the door open for those that don’t.

9) ID Models, Level 1 and RED nyc- Thanks to you all for giving me a chance to test with some of the most beautiful and extremely hardworking, respectful and punctual models on the planet.  My work had grown by leaps and bounds by working with these individuals. 

10) Last but not least, the Almighty Creator. Thanks you for blessing me and showing me what is out there for me to have a better outlook on my life as well as the lives of those who I love. You have always been the guiding force and thanks for opening my eyes to finally seeing it.

Below is one of my fav Images to date



One thought on “Big thank you

  1. Awwwwww, thanks hun. I should be thanking you…for all you have done and continue to do. You have been a great friend, and I can’t wait to see what 2008 has in store for both of us.

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