Last shoot of the Year

Hi All. Yesterday was my last official scheduled shoot for me. It went well but there were some hiccups

1) one agency model flaked (rare, but it happens)

2) one agency model was feeling ill, she came a lil later but her lil diva attitude left kind of a bad taste. I’m not sure where it was coming from. Magali and Eve( Fav makeup artist and Hair stylist respectively) thought maybe she just tested with some bad people. Honestly, it could have been a possibility but still gives no reason to take it out on a crew you have never worked with. Made me wonder a lil how she would be on a booked Job.

3)  Poor Chuck was not able to shoot my segment of TheNY due to problems in his building. That was out of his hands so I think it definitely wasn’t meant to happen. C’est la Vie.

I met a wonderful new stylist, Jani Avery. She is really talented and completely laid back. I would recommend her to any photographers looking for a wardrobe stylist.

Other than the problems listed above, the shoot went fine. I realized that more growing is needed on my photography but I am very much looking forward to it.  I did alot more studio work yesterday and believe learning lighting well is next on the list. I still feel more comfortable shooting outside. But it is getting a lil too cold for that.

Below are some images from yesterday.

Red NYC model- Maya

Level 1 Model - Brian O’hara

Red NYC Model- Leslie


 Level 1 Model- Serge


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