Ok Im bored ;-)

Well not really but enough. Now that my shooting schedule has come to a stop ( at least for the time being), I have begun to get into the holiday spirit. This means Christmas card shopping , actual shopping and all the rest of the fan fair involved with the holidays. It is also a time to reflect on everything throughout the year. This year has been a good one. Even with the ups and downs, overall really good. I have lost friends, made new ones, renewed my spirit, connected more with my mom, grew my network and overall grew as a person. I know we all see growth differently, so outwardly, I honestly do not need to grow any more 🙂 but inwardly has been a great journey.  I have also realized how wonderful blogging and keeping a journal is. I started keeping journals when I was in high school and continue on till this day.  It is a wonderful reflection see how much my life has changed and how some things have stayed the same. Writing in a journal is one of the true forms of actually looking in a mirror and seeing you since you right about nothing mostly but you and how things affect you.  I will say my ” mirrors” have definitely shown me in a good light but most times not such a good light especially after reading it later :$ but as they say you live and learn.

I wish everyone a wonderful safe and happy holiday and a fantastic New year.


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