How much do you actually trust people?

Good morning all out in blogland. This week was interesting because alot of people I am close to are going through trust issues in their various relationships on various levels. It brought on question to mind is” How much do you actually trust people?” Now I know there are some who say they trust some with their lives, but do you really. After in human nature it is survival of the fittest, right? Now before you call me cold and indifferent actually think about it. There are a few I would trust with my life but those people are my family( family, husband, best friends) because I would  help them when they need. But in a intimate relationship, where do you gauge your trust? Do you worry about whether they will call you? do you worry if they are with someone else? do worry that they may be lying to you at all times? When those questions pop up, maybe you should analyze yourself and why you would be with  someone like that where you are constantly asking yourself those kind of questions.  In business relationships, the trust factor is a little different because usually money is involved and your reputation is on the line. I have dealt and are currently dealing with some very upstanding individuals and I have dealt with those who are quite shady and unreliable.  Trust is definitely something that needs to be earned but every-time someone messes with it, they withdraw alot more than they put in with you.

 I will say personally I trust most individuals as far as I can throw them and I mean that especially if you are someone new to me. I don’t come off cold or indifferent. I greet you as warmly and openly but I can’t say of the bat  that you will be cool with me.  I’m a big believer in vibes I get from people and my honest perception of you and I guarantee there are still some individuals I can’t stand to have around me but I don’t show it.


WOO HOO. new fun place to eat in NYC

Yes Ladies and Gents. My mom and I discovered a new restaurant this evening called Big Daddy’s. The atmosphere is 1980’s and me being an 80’s baby was totally in my element. My mom and I didn’t even care that we were dating ourselves because im 31 and my mom is 56. They played the good 80’s music  which of course we knew every word. The staff was amazingly nice  and the food was excellent. We had the mini- burgers with tots.. That’s right people TOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course we thought of Napoleon Dynamite” can I have your tots”. Still a wonder place for anyone looking to go back to the 80’s. Big Daddy;s is located on park avenue south between 19th and 20th streets in Manhattan.


A Day of Accomplishments

Huzzah.  I know 🙂 Anyhoo, today was a very good day. I got to accomplish everything I wanted to do today. I ran all my errands and even got to have a meeting with the busy Chuck”Chestnut” Holliday. In the lil time I have known Chuck, it is become quite apparent that he is to the core a business man. Now that’s not to say that he isn’t personable or friendly, but you can get a feeling of someone very serious about dollars and Sense. Yes, you saw me spell it right. Sense because somehow in this day and age it can be very lacking. We actually accomplished alot today considering we were in Starbucks on Astor Place and if you from NY you know that one is freaking noisy and somehow we managed to pull together business plans for the next 3 months. If you had told me 2 years ago, I would actually be conducting business meetings and making plans for my own business, I probably would have laughed at you but here I am.  I am now his Fake VP and I do like that term because even though fake is in the title, VP gives a sense of responsibility and the realization that you are somewhat an important part of a business. Now that isn’t to say Chuck couldn’t function without me cause that’s BS, but I think I at least help him when he needs and that’s pretty cool.  We also discussed my compensation package and I’m surprised he didn’t laugh me under the table. Yes I was A lil diva with the demands but I gave him a whole year so we shall see. I honestly don’t expect anything but you know 😉 While discussing business of course personal stuff came up and as usual I’m gushing about my sweet Hubba 🙂 Chuck of course Awwww’s cause I get a big ole grin taking about Jason but I cant help it, I love this man. When I listen to chestnut talk about his personal life, I learn more and more about him and partly figuring out what type of woman he wants in his life when he is ready. I say ready because right now his business and his career is Numero UNO and I don’t think that a woman unless she comes correct  will really have a chance. Now I don’t want to get my head bitten off. Please remember these are my observations of only knowing him for 2 yrs and honestly knowing more about him in the last year. Since I don’t have past past history, I can’t judge and honestly not my role too. Feel Me? Anyhoo, the wheels are in motion. My business will be an LLC by end of next month. I’m working on building my book correct and get steady clients so I can get an agent and start shooting like it ain’t nobodies business. I am honestly happy for the crew and amazing people I have around me .  I am looking forward to a really blessed and growth filled ’08 .

UGH I hate my 9-5 job

These are the days I wish I were independently wealthy and could just shoot. This day didnt start off too bad but boy is it ending somewhat ridiculously. I hate when people are not specific about what they want then when I try and ask someone else, they feel like jumping 2 feet down my throat. I cannot understand it. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are also so many orders to process. I think I have about 60+ purchase ordes to push through the system. Im only one person. It got so bad I needed to ask one of my co-workers to help me and I stil get more work b4 this day is freaking heart hurts thats how I know Im stressing. I need to calm down before I give myself a freaking heartache.


Happy ID Booker

s4rsz.jpgHi All. Just wanted to share some news. It seems not only models and my mom 😉 are noticing my growth in photography. The Booker I work with at ID models noted that I ‘m really getting good and she was happy with everything I shot with her model Shinae over this past weekend. It feels really good because when you make the Booker happy that can mean your actual image will end up in the models book and your work getting circulated as she goes to castings 🙂  I’m super happy :D:D:D:D:D


Great Day for a White Wedding?

I know I said that this blog will be mostly about  my photography but I do more than just that . I have other things going as well. Case in point, One of my best friends is getting married this June. Yesterday after I finished my shoot, I was traveling to meet my best friends from high-school to go try on bridesmaids dresses. First , it was amazing to see Vanessa( I haven’t seen her in 5 yrs) and Ingrid again cause i just saw Ingrid 2 weeks ago but there was about 4 months in between that. I know life has a way of making us busy but I really got to make time to see my people. Somehow I feel a little detached from them.  So our journey for bridesmaids shopping begins. We went to Macy’s Herald square and anyone who lives in NYC knows Macy’s herald square is ginormous and full of crazy shoppers. Luckily for us we got through to the bridal salon unscathed. When we get to the bridal salon, i am fully aware of the bitchy brides and  crazed bridesmaids. There were 5 chairs  for about 20 women. There were only 3 official women to help everyone.  Unfortunately, none of the dresses we picked were there so it was kind of a lost cause. We decided we hang out and went to eat at Friday’s and basically catch up with each other. The best things about it is, No matter how much time we have been apart we still come together as if we never left  and moved to different states or left life make us too busy.

I really miss my friends. The other things that was in my head was I will make my friends go through this same thing when i get married next year 😀

Say Word?!?!?!?!?

 Hi Blog Land. I got a ” wake up” call in the form of an Unsolicted critique on my work. I rec’d this email on one of the websites my images are on. The message is as follows:

Hi just wanted to say I looked over YOUR work and thought it was EXCELLENT captures, lighting… but, I really think you need better models to photograph live give NO life to YOUR work… I am sure they are all really nice people and I am not saying I am a professional because I am not … I just really think you have what it takes just not using the right models for your work… have you tried to TFP/TFCD some local models in your area…. Models are always looking to update their photos.. you two could trade off .. but, be choosy and not just put up any photo’s only the BEST ones… GOOD LUCK and please let me know how it goes would love to see the new pic’s… take care

One of the reasons that this is strange to me is because most of the models posted are with highly reputable agencies here in the NYC area. Fashion photography is a weird beast  and most of the time their is life in images just not as much as say in a laughin photo or even a commercial family image. But to honestly not only suggest I find better models but to do TFP/TFCD even though supposedly my lighting and capturing in on point, still boggles my mind. 

I am seriously wondering how to respond or even if I should. Just in a weird space right now. Just felt the need to blog.

Happy Client and New Money???

Hey all.  I guess the cosmos have smiled upon me. My first paying client of this new year was very happy with her images. I am so happy. It is great to know my work actually made someone happy. Also, it seems word of mouth must be working. I received an email from Model Service Agency who wants me to test with their models and actually wants to pay me to do it. Can you imagine that? Getting paid for testing with beautiful people. Amazing how some models seem to think everything should be free but I digress. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with them. It will be great if the relationship stays mutually beneficial. I just wanted to share my news with you all.

Peace and chicken hair grease

Red NYC, REDD and SOUL is in the building

Hello Ladies and Gents. Today was a great day for shooting and I must says Red(d) and Soul was in the building. I had shoot two beautiful young ladies from Red model Management: Megg and Doris. Both Gorgeous and absolutely down to earth models. I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with a new makeup artist REDD from NJ and A wardrobe stylist named SOUL from the BK 🙂

The images today I think were amazing and fun. Everyone did an excellent job and I would recommend them all to anyone.MeggDoris

The First Shoot of the New Year

Jiaying2Hi all and happy new year.  There seems to be a wonderful positive energy  flowing that began the last quarter of last year. It is nice to start the new year with a great new test and a paid shoot :):):).The first shoot was with a great model named Jiaying. She is with Orb management. Love her look and her personality. I have attached a two images from the shoot. Her images were also my first time sitting down properly and learning to do retouching better and I will say I am proud of myself.

I have also found a new site to submit my work and hopefully get published. The site is Urban MainStream and they are looking for photographers and writers.  Check the site .Jiaying