Say Word?!?!?!?!?

 Hi Blog Land. I got a ” wake up” call in the form of an Unsolicted critique on my work. I rec’d this email on one of the websites my images are on. The message is as follows:

Hi just wanted to say I looked over YOUR work and thought it was EXCELLENT captures, lighting… but, I really think you need better models to photograph live give NO life to YOUR work… I am sure they are all really nice people and I am not saying I am a professional because I am not … I just really think you have what it takes just not using the right models for your work… have you tried to TFP/TFCD some local models in your area…. Models are always looking to update their photos.. you two could trade off .. but, be choosy and not just put up any photo’s only the BEST ones… GOOD LUCK and please let me know how it goes would love to see the new pic’s… take care

One of the reasons that this is strange to me is because most of the models posted are with highly reputable agencies here in the NYC area. Fashion photography is a weird beast  and most of the time their is life in images just not as much as say in a laughin photo or even a commercial family image. But to honestly not only suggest I find better models but to do TFP/TFCD even though supposedly my lighting and capturing in on point, still boggles my mind. 

I am seriously wondering how to respond or even if I should. Just in a weird space right now. Just felt the need to blog.


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