Great Day for a White Wedding?

I know I said that this blog will be mostly about  my photography but I do more than just that . I have other things going as well. Case in point, One of my best friends is getting married this June. Yesterday after I finished my shoot, I was traveling to meet my best friends from high-school to go try on bridesmaids dresses. First , it was amazing to see Vanessa( I haven’t seen her in 5 yrs) and Ingrid again cause i just saw Ingrid 2 weeks ago but there was about 4 months in between that. I know life has a way of making us busy but I really got to make time to see my people. Somehow I feel a little detached from them.  So our journey for bridesmaids shopping begins. We went to Macy’s Herald square and anyone who lives in NYC knows Macy’s herald square is ginormous and full of crazy shoppers. Luckily for us we got through to the bridal salon unscathed. When we get to the bridal salon, i am fully aware of the bitchy brides and  crazed bridesmaids. There were 5 chairs  for about 20 women. There were only 3 official women to help everyone.  Unfortunately, none of the dresses we picked were there so it was kind of a lost cause. We decided we hang out and went to eat at Friday’s and basically catch up with each other. The best things about it is, No matter how much time we have been apart we still come together as if we never left  and moved to different states or left life make us too busy.

I really miss my friends. The other things that was in my head was I will make my friends go through this same thing when i get married next year 😀


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