A Day of Accomplishments

Huzzah.  I know 🙂 Anyhoo, today was a very good day. I got to accomplish everything I wanted to do today. I ran all my errands and even got to have a meeting with the busy Chuck”Chestnut” Holliday. In the lil time I have known Chuck, it is become quite apparent that he is to the core a business man. Now that’s not to say that he isn’t personable or friendly, but you can get a feeling of someone very serious about dollars and Sense. Yes, you saw me spell it right. Sense because somehow in this day and age it can be very lacking. We actually accomplished alot today considering we were in Starbucks on Astor Place and if you from NY you know that one is freaking noisy and somehow we managed to pull together business plans for the next 3 months. If you had told me 2 years ago, I would actually be conducting business meetings and making plans for my own business, I probably would have laughed at you but here I am.  I am now his Fake VP and I do like that term because even though fake is in the title, VP gives a sense of responsibility and the realization that you are somewhat an important part of a business. Now that isn’t to say Chuck couldn’t function without me cause that’s BS, but I think I at least help him when he needs and that’s pretty cool.  We also discussed my compensation package and I’m surprised he didn’t laugh me under the table. Yes I was A lil diva with the demands but I gave him a whole year so we shall see. I honestly don’t expect anything but you know 😉 While discussing business of course personal stuff came up and as usual I’m gushing about my sweet Hubba 🙂 Chuck of course Awwww’s cause I get a big ole grin taking about Jason but I cant help it, I love this man. When I listen to chestnut talk about his personal life, I learn more and more about him and partly figuring out what type of woman he wants in his life when he is ready. I say ready because right now his business and his career is Numero UNO and I don’t think that a woman unless she comes correct  will really have a chance. Now I don’t want to get my head bitten off. Please remember these are my observations of only knowing him for 2 yrs and honestly knowing more about him in the last year. Since I don’t have past past history, I can’t judge and honestly not my role too. Feel Me? Anyhoo, the wheels are in motion. My business will be an LLC by end of next month. I’m working on building my book correct and get steady clients so I can get an agent and start shooting like it ain’t nobodies business. I am honestly happy for the crew and amazing people I have around me .  I am looking forward to a really blessed and growth filled ’08 .


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