How much do you actually trust people?

Good morning all out in blogland. This week was interesting because alot of people I am close to are going through trust issues in their various relationships on various levels. It brought on question to mind is” How much do you actually trust people?” Now I know there are some who say they trust some with their lives, but do you really. After in human nature it is survival of the fittest, right? Now before you call me cold and indifferent actually think about it. There are a few I would trust with my life but those people are my family( family, husband, best friends) because I would  help them when they need. But in a intimate relationship, where do you gauge your trust? Do you worry about whether they will call you? do you worry if they are with someone else? do worry that they may be lying to you at all times? When those questions pop up, maybe you should analyze yourself and why you would be with  someone like that where you are constantly asking yourself those kind of questions.  In business relationships, the trust factor is a little different because usually money is involved and your reputation is on the line. I have dealt and are currently dealing with some very upstanding individuals and I have dealt with those who are quite shady and unreliable.  Trust is definitely something that needs to be earned but every-time someone messes with it, they withdraw alot more than they put in with you.

 I will say personally I trust most individuals as far as I can throw them and I mean that especially if you are someone new to me. I don’t come off cold or indifferent. I greet you as warmly and openly but I can’t say of the bat  that you will be cool with me.  I’m a big believer in vibes I get from people and my honest perception of you and I guarantee there are still some individuals I can’t stand to have around me but I don’t show it.


One thought on “How much do you actually trust people?

  1. Trust issues…yeah, I’ve been struggling with that a lot lately, in both business and personal relationships. I’ve had to adopt a similar worldview recently…I will only trust you as far as I can see you…that is until proven otherwise.

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