Let It GO- BY T D JAKES..good read

Let it go for 2007…
>This is beautiful. Read it to the end…the message is awesome!!!
>Let it go for 2007…
>By T. D. Jakes
>There are people who can walk away from you.
>And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you:
>let them walk. I don’t want you to try to talk another person into
>staying with you, loving you, calling you, Caring about you, coming to
>see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone.
>When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is
>tied to anybody that left.
>The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made
>manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt
>they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19]
>People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are
>joined to you, you can’t make them stay.
>Let them go.
>And it doesn’t mean that they are a bad person it just means that
>part in the story is over And you’ve got to know when people’s part in
>your story is over so that you don’t keep trying to raise the dead.
>You’ve got to know when it’s dead.
>You’ve got to know when it’s over. Let me tell
>you something. I’ve got the gift of good-bye. It’s the tenth spiritual
>gift, I believe in good-bye. It’s not that I’m hateful, it’s that I’m
>faithful, and I know whatever God means for me to have He’ll give it
>me. And if it takes too much sweat I don’t need it. Stop begging
>to stay.
>Let them go!!
>If you are holding on to something that doesn’t belong to you and was
>never intended for your life, then you need to……
>If you are holding on to past hurts and pains…
>If someone can’t treat you right, love you
>back, and see your worth…..
>If someone has angered you …….
>If you are holding on to some thoughts of evil and revenge……
>If you are involved in a wrong relationship or addiction…..
>If you are holding on to a job that no longer meets your needs or
>If you have a bad attitude…….
>If you keep judging others to make yourself feel better……
>If you’re stuck in the past and God is trying to take you to a new
>in Him……
>If you are struggling with the healing of a broken
>If you keep trying to help someone who won’t even try to help
>If you’re feeling depressed and stressed …..
>If there is a particular situation that you are so used to handling
>yourself and God is saying “take your hands off of it,” then you need
>Let the past be the past. Forget the former things. GOD is doing a new
>thing for 2007!!!
>Get Right or Get Left .. think about it, and then ..


151 thoughts on “Let It GO- BY T D JAKES..good read

  1. this poem is so amazing. it says all bout people holding on things that steals their joy and they console themselves by saying things will be fine. i know how it feeels to wana turn around a situation n make it be the way u want it to be. i was in a long term relationship, not happy but because of my ego n lying to myself hopin for someone to change but it was all a dream until i pray bout it. god gave me a courage and he removed that person out of my life. few months down i met a man who loves and respects me, now we r expectin our first baby that we both passsionate and we pray togeta for wisdom to raise our bundle of joy together. thank god for giving Bishop Jakes a wisdom to send away this wonderfull message to us.

  2. I too have been disappointed greatly in a marriage that didnt work……I was bitter and angry for a long time until one day I let it go. I came to a point where I wished this man well in his life. Against all odds I started the year by sending him a message that I wished hum well in the new year. A load was lifted from my heart.

  3. i also read this today,and felt a comfort,but rejection is hard it plays with your mind as well as your heart. This makes the second time i have been cheated on in a relationship.I dont quite understand!I have tried to contact the man that left me for another woman to wish him well and that i forgive him. No reply!I was raised baptist with my parents and my grandmother took me to the holiness churchs so i have been blessed in both fields.And i know god has never left me i have just been trying to do it on my own and cant.Please pray for me to have strength,patients,knowledge.Amen

  4. this poem is very encouraging. i’ve been involved in wrong relationships 4 d past few months. i’m tired of them n ddnt knw how to let them go. but after reading this poem i knw i can do it. I have faith that God will lead me in the right direction. I pray to God to give me strength and I pray that He sends the right man 4 me. Sum1 who will love me, care 4 me, adore me and respect me. I also pray that He teaches me d power of 4giveness .. Amen

    • I am one of those called victims of love. I met this lady and I loved her. But I realised that she is not willing to take care of me, spend sometime with me, there was no decent planning or conversation. She would drink and come back to drunk, shout at me and swearing at me. She embarrassed me and sometimes the neighbours would intervene amd others advising me to call the police. I loved her, I would buy her everthing and I was taking care of everytime making sure she is happy. I failed. I just read this today and I have a courage to let it go. God knows what awaits for me.

      • Brother, amazing how this world is a match. The perfect guy with an imperfect woman. Look for the message, you are being prepared for the right one. It may not seem so, but it always is not what it seems,you have to find it..all of the best in your search. Be blessed

  5. I’m going through a difficult time with a man that I am so in love with and engaged to. We have been going through a lot of problems and he keeps cheating and lying to me and then some how knows how 2 put it on me to make me feel like i’m the problem. I cry almost everyday and i pray god gives me the strength to move on. After reading this I know I have a better tomorrow if I will just let go of yesterday…Pray for me everyone…

    • I can definately relate to your situation I was engaged to a man I have been with for 6 yrs and known since kindergarten he has cheated twice before and chalked it up as being young and not knowing what he wanted but we have had an amazing relationship for the last 3 yrs without difficulty and bought our first home and have been planning our wedding. Needless to say I have planned it all and bought my dress etc. and caught him 2 wks ago cheating on me! IN OUR HOUSE!!! so my dreams are shattered I cannot believe what has happened I am totally devastated!! OUR WEDDING WAS IN 3 1/2 months and all planned. He helped plan it!!!! AND… Has been cheating for 2 whole months!! I really trusted him this time and thought we were on the right track!! Not all people are the same but I would suggest to keep your guard up!! He was going to marry me anyway!!! I am so glad I found out I found the strength to walk away as HARD as it is!! I could not live my life this way, wondering every day and you don’t deserve to either!!!! Be strong and remember YOU are worth only the best !! Make YOURSELF happy for once!!! P.S you will find your personal strength returns fast , it has been only 2 wks for me and with support of family and friends you will understand YOU DESERVE MORE!!!

      • Wow, your story sounds exactly like mine. I was with someone for 6 years, engaged for 2 years and I found out about his cheating in Dec. We were scheduled to be married in May of this year. I was so shocked b/c I had no idea. I did not have any signs. He was still the same wonderful man he had always been. Well, long story short. I agreed to go to counseling with him, but I told him I was not just going to let him back in my life – he had to show me he was trying to change. He sat in my livingroom, “confessed” about his priors actions and swore it was over. This was just 2 weeks ago. Last week, I found out that he had never stopped being with the other girl, sleeping with her, promising her that they would be together, etc. I still can’t believe that he looked me in the eyes just 2 weeks ago and lied like he did. It goes to show you that you don’t really know people, you just have to trust God. Trust that God will take care of you and heal your heart. This time was worse that in December, but I know that God will get me through. Stay strong, pray, surround yourself with friends and family and stay active – even when you don’t feel like it.

    • I pray the Blood of Jesus gives you peace, comfort, joy and understanding. You are a beautiful child of God and do not need the pain. Keep running to Jesus not man!

      • I know how it feels like to have a fiancé cheating on you. I’ve been seeing the father of my child for the past 6 and a half years he sent his people to ask my hand in marriage and immediately after that he cheats on me even though I had this believe saying I wont stay with a cheater just because he proposed marriage made me change my mind and forgive him though I didn’t know how but I just moved on with him without giving myself a time to deal with it then later we started having problems blaming me 4 having trust issues and suddenly pushing me away yet he kept on telling me he loves me and his child and he wont do anything 2 jeopardise that and I believed him whole heartedly even though I had some doubts coz I was afraid of losing him 2 someone. while I was pregnant with his child he lost his job and I never stopped carrying 4 him I supported him through hard times coz I had no problem coz I was working after he got a job he started cheating and distancing himself from me coz maybe I didn’t fit his status anymore. And now I’ve been single for 2years looking 4 a man but no luck. please pray for me and my son to find someone who’s better than him.

  6. I thank you for your words of encouragement I have been recently giving this girl all Ive got from the core of my heart to give, but some way some how she always appear to be unapprecitive and im just only speaking about her actions so if you will please pray my strength that God Will will be done in the mist of this Mayham and High waters im dealling with I must truly say any man that deals with a woman that do not have the HolyGhost is truly in for a ruin especilly if he has been called 2Tim.4

  7. I needed to read this again. Those are definitely inspired words. Please pray for me that I have the strength to do what he says, and LET GO. I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years. It was initially a battle, then turned wonderful, but now cocaine seems to have stolen away the man I was in love with again, and he says I’m unattractive to him and he wants to get away. I’ve been fighting it, and miserable, but these words ring true.

    • That man doesn’t deserve you! You are a beautiful child of God and filled with the Love of Jesus. I have been abused in EVERY way by the man I married and divorced after 7 years. I then took him back at least 4o times after that. It can change but we can’t change them, God has to work in them as He works in us! Let God work in you. He is awesome! God can deliver the oppressed and depressed; also our addictions! In Jesus Name. AMEN@!


  9. I’ve been through it all with men…verbal abuse,physical abuse,and rape.The straw that broke the camels back is when this man I’ve secretly loved for several years came back into my life and told me finely that it was love at first site when he meet me but was to afraid to say so..lead me to believe that he wanted a future with me and told me he wouldn’t do me like the men from my past. I found out he was a married man. It really did a number on me!!! He sings in a gospel group! lol He calls hisself a man of God. The pain at times is unbearable, I sometimes wonder were is the justice, but I have to and I will have faith in God that all things work to the greater good of those who serve the lord!!! Please pray for me!!!

    • I believe that satan deliberatley places people in our lives to destroy us. and he is very subtle to the point that we dont realize that he is the mastermind behind the deceit. We always want to see that best in the individual do we overlook the signs. This too shall pass, and you shall use what you have gone through to strengthen and encourage others that are going through what you have gone through.

      Nothing but Love for you…

      • AMEN! AMEN! Nothin’ But The Blood of JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No pain will give us no gain! God has sooooo much better for us in store! We must have patience and endure the race to the end. I am speaking to myself too right now! God bless the entire world with His loving grace that endures forever and ever! AMEN!

  10. I heard this poem in a class I was attending for separated persons. I held on to a lot of pains and deceptions from my husband and it made me into a bitter person. After meditating on this for a bit, I realized that I had to let go of not just the anger but of my husband. He chose to leave his family and I can’t waste anymore time hating. So Wendell, I’m letting you go. Thanks Bishop Jakes I think I’m now on my way to healing.

    • Karen, i feel your hurt. Im 29 years old and i been through hell with my childs father. He left us 6 months after she was born 2 week before christmas for another woman. It took two years for me to let go of the bitterness and the hatred i had towards him. He see his child whenever he wants to and that is two days out of the week. He dont call unless hes coming to get her to spend five hours with her and then bring her back. He verbally abused me and use me. I told the girl the things he did to me but he got her fooled. He had me fooled too. He gave me diseases when i was pregnant with our child. He took me through a lot. I probably can go on with the things he did to me and his daughter. I try not to talk about it but i do want to say one thing to you…….Let this man go because hes not worth you loosing your soul. You have a child to take care of. Put him on childsupport. Go on with your business. Let this man know you do not need him for anything but to take care of his responsibilities. Let it go and i will be praying for you and your baby.

  11. Thanks for the encouraging words people,im pregnant,the father dosnt want the child sometimes he does,he says he already has one nd a girlfriend and he cant live her now,my heart is hurting coz he promissed me the world and to love me no matter what now hes changed,i dont know what to do,i wanna let go but what about my child?i cant even pray about it,it hurts allot,oh my god it hurts,i need strength i need God.please pray for me

    • Sister, He (God) knows the number of your hairs on your head. Your child is a blessing, celebrate the gift. Let go of a Man who has no insight and vision. He was used by God to give you the Gift. The fathers of our kids are not necessarily our soul mates, they are sometimes messengers… LET IT GO…Do not pull towards you what God is pulling away from you. Celebrate your healthy pregnancy, what is being revealed to you and see yourself for who you are….A Woman of strength…

    • This message was for you and karen. Karen, i feel your hurt. Im 29 years old and i been through hell with my childs father. He left us 6 months after she was born 2 week before christmas for another woman. It took two years for me to let go of the bitterness and the hatred i had towards him. He see his child whenever he wants to and that is two days out of the week. He dont call unless hes coming to get her to spend five hours with her and then bring her back. He verbally abused me and use me. I told the girl the things he did to me but he got her fooled. He had me fooled too. He gave me diseases when i was pregnant with our child. He took me through a lot. I probably can go on with the things he did to me and his daughter. I try not to talk about it but i do want to say one thing to you…….Let this man go because hes not worth you loosing your soul. You have a child to take care of. Put him on childsupport. Go on with your business. Let this man know you do not need him for anything but to take care of his responsibilities. Let it go and i will be praying for you and your baby

  12. I had my share of pain,disappointment,betrayal,deception. Then I saw the light in the words…LET IT GO! I forgave my ex husband,forgave my friends who abandoned me,forgave the man who raped me, forgave myself’,I always blamed myself for all wrongs done to me. Then the light…I started to love me for who I am,an annointed child of God.I felt free from IT all.The hurt does go away.James 1 verse 2 -5…..thoughts,choice,focus……and Praise Him

  13. i was with man even dou he left me got married i have forgave him and let him back into my life as a friend i know i didnt want him as a lover anymore i just always loved talking to him because i felt we had a connection i was being there for him when he needed but i found out he was using me by telling me he love me but if he did he would have never left sometimes i feel silly for letting aman used me please pray for me

    • Hi dear,

      God is an awesome God, his love is immesurable, I was dumped for another woman after 11 years with a child. I found my Strength by giving my self in Christ. dont hurt but let go, find safety and cover in the most high you will see all the riches and glory he has in store for you, just allow him to work on you and perfect you.


  14. I was so down spiritualy but,after reading this message. I let go of all the worries. May the almighty God help you and be with you through thich and thin. Keep on preaching the gospel. There is power in the name of God. Let us continue to love each other. Corithiens 13 Amen

  15. I am letting go of a man whom I have dated for 8 years,never met his parents,never met his son and clearly had no intention of committing to me.Its been hard since I really considered him to be a Godsent.Over the years,there were lies,deception and the list goes on.I fell pregnant and miscarried,none of that didnt count for anything.After 8 years of being with this man,he still wasnt happy to talk about marriage.Tried to forgive but I failed and a part of me died in the process.
    I lost myself,I changed for the worst,i was angry and bitter.But I am beginning to let go and slowly on my way to recovery.Thanks to Pastor TD Jakes for his words of wisdom.

  16. Indeed nothing renews one like forgiving and letting go,though hard but sure gives peace of mind and extends one’s life span.

  17. Exodus 1:12 But the more they(Egyptians) afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.

    Other versions says,the more they were afflicted the more they grew in strenght.

    III. The method they took to suppress them, and check their growth, v. 11, 13, 14. The Israelites behaved themselves so peaceably and inoffensively that they could not find any occasion of making war upon them, and weakening them by that means: and therefore, 1. They took care to keep them poor, by charging them with heavy taxes, which, some think, is included in the burdens with which they afflicted them. 2. By this means they took an effectual course to make them slaves. The Israelites, it should seem, were much more industrious laborious people than the Egyptians, and therefore Pharaoh took care to find them work, both in building (they built him treasure-cities), and in husbandry, even all manner of service in the field: and this was exacted from them with the utmost rigour and severity. Here are many expressions used, to affect us with the condition of God’s people. They had taskmasters set over them, who were directed, not only to burden them, but, as much as might be, to afflict them with their burdens, and contrive how to make them grievous. They not only made them serve, which was sufficient for Pharaoh’s profit, but they made them serve with rigour, so that their lives became bitter to them, intending hereby, (1.) To break their spirits, and rob them of every thing in them that was ingenuous and generous. (2.) To ruin their health and shorten their days, and so diminish their numbers. (3.) To discourage them from marrying, since their children would be born to slavery. (4.) To oblige them to desert the Hebrews, and incorporate themselves with the Egyptians. Thus he hoped to cut off the name of Israel, that it might be no more in remembrance. And it is to be feared that the oppression they were under had this bad effect upon them, that it brought over many of them to join with the Egyptians in their idolatrous worship; for we read (Jos. 24:14) that they served other gods in Egypt; and, though it is not mentioned here in this history, yet we find (Eze. 20:8) that God had threatened to destroy them for it, even while they were in the land of Egypt: however, they were kept a distinct body, unmingled with the Egyptians, and by their other customs separated from them, which was the Lord’s doing, and marvellous.

    IV. The wonderful increase of the Israelites, notwithstanding the oppressions they groaned under (v. 12): The more they afflicted them the more they multiplied, sorely to the grief and vexation of the Egyptians. Note, 1. Times of affliction have often been the church’s growing times. Christianity spread most when it was persecuted: the blood of the martyrs was the seed of the church.

    God has not aborted the plans about us.Jesus said that he has come to release those who are in prison,to set us free.Your prison might be a relationship that did not work out,work issues,etc.Jesus understand and we are coming out Gold.

  18. thanks this is the 2nd time I happened to read this poem. I was given a copy of a friend of mine when i was about to end a wrong relationship then but failed to do so. Now, I am yet faced to that and perhaps I just have to let it go. im tired of trying to look for miracles in wrong relationship.but God is good He makes ways to get me out of deep trouble and pain.

  19. I have been married for one year, I love my husband but i dont like him. He’s a manipulator, He writes Hot checks, ( even to God) He has a facebook account and he says all types of things to women that he shouldnt. He has destroyed my credit. I dont think he can make it on his own without me or some other woman because of the way he mishandles his finances. I feel obligated to help him because he cant stand on his own. Its almost like he’s my son. I dont pray like i should. I dont fast. I dont seek anymore like i use to. I just want out, but if I leave this apartment I know he cant keep up the rental payments and thats going to be an eviction on my name. I feel as if I will never be who God called me to be as long as Im yoked to him. I just want out

    • hi bishop jakes im eddy from far lands of zimbabwe ,i just trusted my faith to communicate with you through this mail, my life got a meaning through your sermons ,sometimes i wake up in cold nights to listen to your gospel on dvd’s ;my dream is to spend a time with you telling my story of how i fell in love with your preaching more than what any genre of music has taken over youth of my continent ,cant imagine seated live in the auditorium listenig to you live, i want to tell the world what GOD HAS DONE TO MY LIFE THROUGH YOU.talk to me BISHOP,MY EMAIL IS emunyali@yahoo.com im also on face book as EDWARD MUNYALI

  20. I’ve bin wit this man for 7yrs its gonna b the 8th in october.He nvr told me he loves me,nvr introduced me 2his friend or family,i know which town he lives in but not which house,no matter how much i try nvr told me i look good.Im always callin him he only calls when he realises i could possibly live.I tried leavin so many times but he tells me i can live but he’ll always b a part of my life.I need help because wit all this things i still want 2quit my job 2take a pay cut to be wit him.How do i let go?I need to let go.

    • My dear U need to run. Its obvious that he does not love you and he does not think that you are the one for him. Let him be. Dont quit your job and dont take a pay cut cause he will never appreciate him. Leave him and God will bring a better person to you.

  21. Very inspiring poem makes my HEART jump when i read it!Im dealing with a 14yr relationship,i had 1child when we met,he had 1 child,we have 2 together its really hard since so many black young couples don”t stay together our kids or now 17,13,14,11. were both 34 but just two different people im saved he’s not I believe what God has for me is for me.Only people you should try to get even with are the ones who help you im Blessed.

  22. I was travelling to work this morning when Wilson B Nkosi,the dj,began reading this poem.It made so much sense to me at the time.I listened & even after he was done reading it,it rang in my head & ears.I have 4 children,2 frm a previous marriage & 2 with my recent love.I have loved this man frm the day we met.All i have ever wanted to do is make him happy as his wife,best friend,mother of his children,partner etc but my efforts went unnoticed.This year he began beating me for something that i did in the beginning of our relationship.We met in december 2007,i went on holiday without him & had a fling.Without even trying to justify my actions I knw it was wrong but how wrong is what confuses me.We had just met,both not sure if together was where we wanted to be,both just comming out of unsuccessful relationships.Anyway the question i have right now,even although i’ve read this poem a few times already is, how do u let go of someone that u love so much,how do u let go of someone who has lied to you treated u as if u r unworthy but u still showed him love,how do u let go of someone who u believe is ur soul mate,how do u let go of someone who is the father of ur children???The thing is that I did it before with my ex-husband,i let go but now for some reason I just can’t seem to let go no matter how hard i try.Is it love,is it infatuation,is it what we dream of feeling for another one day,what is it really?I want so badly to believe that its love,true love but then i ask is true love meant to be hurtful,mean,critical,selfish,degrading,etc.I don’t think so but then why do i still remain so confused & unable to decide where to go or what to do.This poem is trully a beautiful poem.

    • Dear Sister in Christ,

      How do you know that it’s real love?
      Go to the Holy Bible and read 1Corinthians Chapter 13,You’ll find the answer. Before you read this pray that your heart will receive the answer that you and I and so many other women need to receive!!!

      Tina Dangerfield
      P.S. I love you in Christ!

    • Wow pastor woow.I dont know where to start.But firstly i thank god for giving you this words to tell us to let go.I pray that he gives you strength everyday to tell us more and more.I was in a relationship for 2 month with this guy.He asked me to visit him then when i get there
      i found out that he was not the person i thought he was.He abused me emotionaly.He promised me the world which he never delivered.This poem made me realised that there is only one person who loves me.That is God.

  23. This is such an amazing massage,which fits on every LIFE situation.it teaches and motivates us at the same time.it moved my level of thinking and gave me courage to live life the way GOD wants me to…

  24. I have been married for two years now. My husband has never been my husband. We have been together for 11 years i can’t believe that he is never going to change. Somedays i cry because i want my husband to be right and stop messing with all these other females. I am ready for a divorce but i am scared and don’t know why. I truly love this man and wish that one day things would get better. It crazy because before we got married he was different now he is heartless. My heart is broken because i want to move on and just don’t know how. I have read this poem and i feel better so i guess i will let it go!!!!

  25. as iam speaking the father of my my child left to another girlfriend all along he was hurting and i was always fooling myself by saying things will be ok bu after going through this poem i stand up with my feet and i said tome let it go there no mistake it happen for the reason and i thank god for this.

  26. reading everyone testimony has brought tears too my eyes. only by the grace of God would i be able to forgive and forget.I’m 24 not married and was now getting over a terrible breakup with a man 15years older than me. i abandon my family and went to live with this man for 3 years until all hell broke loose so i left.then i meet this Pastor who was always there supportive and everything good until one day he made a confession about how much he grew too love me. then i taught a Pator how perfect God has truly answered my prayers until after 6months off us seriouly being together i found out he was married with a child in another town. That just distroyed my little faith; now i don’t trust anyone and i judge everyone. Now I sometimes find doubt in believing my own pastor when he’s preaching. PLEASE pray for me

  27. I have been with a man for 18years, been married to him for 6, even before we married he was abusive physically and verbally, I nor my family and friends can’t seem to understand why I can’t leave him alone. I left him recently for the hundrendth time and I want to go back, we talk and are intimate even I know he has moved someone into our home. I know he is not good for me but I can’t stop loving him and wanting to be with him, when I found out he had someone else, I stopped eating and lost 10lbs. This man has done things to me no one should ever have to endure,yet I still love him, he is the only man I have ever loved and I wonder if that is why it is so hard to stop loving him.I know I need help but it hurts so bad and he has asked me to come back and even though I want to, I won’t because I know how it will be, so he says he will get a divorce and remarry the woman he moved into our house, people please pray for strength for me to let this man go and learn to love myself, everyone says they turn bitter, I just exist, I look fine on the outside but on the inside I am constantly hurting and don’t know what to do, I take medicine to sleep at night. What to do !!!! Somebody please help!!!

    • Jesus has His arms around you! Let Him hold you instead of that horrible man! I thought I would be dead from a relationship like that and I just ran, ran, ran, ran, ran to the WORD of God. No man can help, not like the Word and pray in tongues. It gives you strength. It will be lonely for a very long time but not lonely because you have Jesus, Father God, Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit. I feel your pain and I will pray that the Blood of Jesus washes you White as Snow! In Jesus Christ Mighty Name, AMEN! Heather

  28. Yes, Lettin Go is the key….. Its so hard, I’ve been wit a man well I should probably say boy, for 7 years. And it is going nowhere. It just seems like he is so interested with me sexually. He has nothing positive to talk about, all he talk about is his drug dealing war stories. He use to work, now he is a full time drug dealer which he wants me to accept it… because he claim that he was there with me when i had to fight my addidiction which i gave that life up. I am very unhappy emotionally and mentally with him. I dont even like to have sex with him anymore. But I do to keep him happy. We use to talk on the phone endless night now the phone calls are short or he will say ‘I will call u back and wont call back until 5 hours later…. I got to go I no, this relationship turning me into someone Im not.

  29. This is just what I needed. I was having a hard time letting go , now I know it is ok to just LET IT GO!!!!!!!
    Thanks for these encouraging words.



  32. I believe trials are placed into our lives to make us more dependent on Christ. I met my son’s father in 2005. Initially I wasn’t interested in him, but as he pursued me, I became enamored with him. I couldn’t believe that this man who was sexy, rugged, stylish, and sensitive wanted only me. In time I fell in love with the image of him; with who I thought he was. Turns out it was all a lie. But I sensed it early on. There are no victims. Only willing participants. He broke up with an ex of 8-10 years before he met me and he had secretly gone back to her. I was in effect, the other woman. I allowed myself to remain in a fabricated scenario where this man who was committed to someone else, slept with me for years with no commitment. We went back and forth for years…this resulted in the birth of our son, (where he deliberately didn’t show up), several abortions, nasty fights, I reached lows that I never thought was possible. I allowed him to break my spirit. Fast forward to 2010. We have been in Family Court. He has moved onto yet another woman who is now pregnant with his third child. Reading T.D. Jakes message makes me see how dynamic and powerful those words are. We are now beginning to communicate for the sake of our son but there are residual feelings of anger, abandonment, and jealousy that I have to battle with every day. But Jakes was right: he was never God’s best for me. Why am I spending so much time dwelling on someone who walked away from me for the duration of my pregnancy, walked away from his child for 5 months, and who throws his current relationship in my face? Its lunacy. What keeps me strong is remembering that we were not equally yoked and that he idoes not have the character, integrity, or moral compass that a man should have. Speaking to a therapist, I found that he possesses every characteristic of an individual with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This shed light on his behavior. I think the point is that as a woman I had to know my self-worth. I had to realize that I deserve better. In time this pain, resentment, and anger will subside. But I have no intention of looking back. He has moved on and its time for me to do the same. Ladies, it does get better but we do have to let go and step out on faith waiting for God to supply all of our needs. We have to trust Him and pray.


  34. i read all ur story,s m a 23 yr old female who need prayrs i hv been married 4 2years in relationship 4 7years he diployd went 2 drc he had anather preg he went back again had d second child 2007 was pregnant with his child did d abortion i finded out bout d children whn d lady came 2 south africa pregnant claiming dat he said he must cum bt he dinyd everything d lady said i saw d child wanted 2 die bcos she looks jst like him i hated him bt never ended things d lady lives here in south africa we paying 4 d childrens child support bt ive been failing 2 fall pregnant he supports me bt nt 4gaven him he cheats n stil m with him dnt knw wat 2 do i really want 2 let go bt its like i dnt wanna luz hm plz pray 4 me yes i love him bt m nt happy i cry every night i listen 2 td lakes bt my faith is weak plz help me let it go

  35. this let it go thing is inspiring me 4 real. me too last year i was in a bad relationship and i was hurt a lot and it was my first time being hurt like dat. but with god and reading this let it go poem i was motivated and i moved on with life. i was praying to god asking him to give me a straight life and i think my prayer has been answered since i have met a loving and caring guy. thanks to god and td jakes. if i didnt take what has been said by him maybe i will have been still stuck thinking about how much i was hurt.

  36. What I have noticed is that most comments are from women. And more or less the same story… believe me I have read a story which sounds exactly like mine and I asked my self why do we all have to go through the same pain. We tend to love our men more than God and the truth is God is a jealous God, when you start to put anything else before Him, He takes it as if we idolising our men. God love us… the devil is using the poeple that we love the most to draw us away from God. Please brothers and sisters lets seek His kingdom first and everything else shall be given unto us. Let us be in the position to identify the devil and his tricks and leave according to what God want us to leave. Those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior they should take this opportunity to accept Him, and those who are already Christian they must remember that Jesus suffered when He was here on earth and we will also suffer the same way.
    Letting go is letting God to know that you trust Him.

  37. I read most of the comments on here, and I am so sad that women have to go through such hardship, just to be with a man…so sad…

  38. I went to believe that I have let it go, but I know that I have not. Why is it so hard the let go of the people who have hurt you. Why do I went to hold on to that pain is there something wrong with me. Deep down in my heart I really went to let go, but I do not know how because I feel stuck. What type of pray do I have to pray for God to help me. Can you pray for me to let go of my past and to forgive the people who have hurt me.Why is it that some people can gave out go advice, but we do not went to ply it to our life. Thank you.

  39. My God i believe you are faithful and if you say this manis not for me then he is not , i am letting go . i love you God and i thank you for sacrficing your only Son Jesus Christ for me. Thank you for my beautiful daughter .

  40. i am lost for words just reading this poem. I heard it the first time yesterday, i was reduced to my knees with pain. I cried so uncontrollably, the tears just came rolling down, the pain was unbearable. its been over a year since i left a man who cheated, lied and abused me physically, emotionally and verbally. i know that i am better off withouth him in my life. The reason of our breakup is that i caught him cheating with some girl, he threw me out. it was so nasty, he treated me like a person he has never met before and i had spent seven years in that relationship. Before he used to threaten me with death and say that if i l ever left him, he would hire people who would kill me and i believed him cos he said no man will have me other than him. One of the reasons why i stayed is that was scared, i never wanted to see if he would make good on his threats.I was so scared of him and at the same time i loved him, i know its twisted. I have been to hell and back because of this man.There were two arbotions, and constant fights. The lowest point in that relationship was when he was about to beat me like he normally did, he was so angry and i was so scared. He was angry because i had questioned him about an affair i suspected he was having, so he beat me. To avaoid further beating i pretended to be committing suicide, i took a handful of tablets and went to the loo, i then threw the tablets in the bathroom behind some old cement. I went back to the house, he was there. i had to pretend to be dying so that he would not beat me again.So i lay down on the cold contrete floor and made as if i was running out of breath. He was shocked and apparently had called the police the time i went to the loo. He wanted to report my suicide, it was so funny thinking about it in my mind now. While i was in the loo commiting what he thought was suicide, he never tried to stop me he never came to the loo all he could think about was saving his own ass in case i fell dead in his room, and not once did he think about saving my life. Police came, the police women said they could lay a charge on me for attempting suicide, i wanted to tell her the truth to say that i did not drink those tablets, i was just scared of being beaten, i wanted to tell her that in fact the person they should arrest is him for abusing me but i couldn’t. That just told me, this man was a disturbed soul, how do you do that? Anyway the other time i found out that he took out a ten thousand loan to have someone killed, i was shocked again and convinced him to take the money back to the bank and he did after much convincing. This was the kind of animal i was involved with. I always prayed for God to take me out of that realtionship ALIVE and he did. I tried living him and i was too weak and always went back. The day i caught him with that woman was the greatest blessing of my life even though at the time i was hurting and in disbelief.It took a while for me to heal and as i speak i went back to see him this year for the first time, after more than a year has passed. I dont know why i agreed to meet him this time around, maybe because i was still lonely and a little part of my heart was still not over him. When i first looked at him, i thought to myself what was so wonderful with this man? I couldn’t see it and i thought i’m glad i left. He wanted me back, i was tempted even though logic told me that i’m better off without him and i replayed all the bad things he had done in my life, and i felt it in my heart that this man had not changed he was just saying all the things he thought i needed to hear. A week after our meetingi was called by his sister who told me her brother called her telling her how he was caught between two woman all the while, he was telling he did not have anyone in his life.
    In my heart of hearts i knew this was not the man i wanted to spend my life with, i knew God had something better in store for me. I thank God its over. I cried and cried and cried and now i am ready finally to let him go for good. Since i left him i have reconnected with friends i had let go of becAUSE OF HIM, I smile and laugh a bit more than usual, i am more free to go and do whatever i please. I go to church much more often. I do not regret leaving him my only regret is staying for seven years i should have left him earlier. You know when an abusive partner comes to your life he is not a bad person immediately. He takes his time to make sure you fall head over heels in love with him. and you fall inlove with the person you think he is and not the real him. by the time he shows his true colours you are inlove with him and you think maybe he will change. Everytime he does something wrong to you, he will apologise and lead you to believe that it will never happen again. He showers you with love and gifts and you end up believing that he is trully sorry for his actions. But a leapard never changes its colour, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be strong and pray that God gives you the strength to leave.
    It was not easy, in the beginning i spent most of my time alone, not wanting to be around people. All i wanted to do is to cry all the time and sleep. It was painful because he wanted me back and as usual i wanted to go back so badly. I’m glad i did not. After all the tears have dried up, you find enough strength just to laugh, then enough strength just to go out with your friend, then enough strength just to go to the movies, then enough strength just to pay attention on the way you look, then eventually you find enough strenght to forgive yourself and maybe you are brave eneough to look at the issues that made you stay in that relationship in the first place. Once you confront those issues you are slowly rebuilding your self-worth and self esteem, you are ready to work on yourself and re-discover who you are. Always remeber leaving is not easy, but staying kills you inside. You stop being yourself and you become a shadow of the woman you once was. Your whole existence is about this person. THAT IS WRONG.


  42. I hv read dis peom,virtually all contributors seems to be saying one thing,i prayed for d writer,my own is quite differnt,i lost my beloved wife on 17th january o9, a lady who each other were first love,blessed with five children, she mean everything to me,d day her corpse were brought,my mother prayered dat if there is recanation dat i will re-mary her,an Epitome of beauty,God fearing,d woman of value,love by inlaws and friends, just left me,since then i hv not love any other lady,my children told me not to re-mary,and im just 42 years,working and well read,i hv let go d pains,do i also let go re-mary?

  43. Today I let it go. I realised that I was busy clinging on to a relationship that was unfulfilling and taking away my values. I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to end it & I FEEL SO GOOD. Thank you Rev. Jakes for this poem. God Bless

  44. For the past 6 months, I have been trying to make this person call me, come to see me, stay attached to me, care about me. But today I’m glad to say that it is OVER & what peace I feel in my heart right now. For the first time in 6 months I wont have to worry about the fact that He loves me or not. I FINALLY LET IT GO. God bless Reverend T.D. Jakes for such wise words.

  45. Wow

    The similar words were uttered by my granny after breaking up with the woman i thot she loved me, only to find out that she never loved me instead she used me for bed, money and transport, well i have let go and now i met an angel of mine, she loves me unconditionally and we are getting married next year april… very uplifting poem i must say

  46. i have been with the mother of my child for five years,but i would be honest with you it was five years of no happiness,We were constantly fighting because she would rather spend time with her friends than with me,i tried to make her love me,be with me and care about me but she does not.today is the iam gonna finally let it go

  47. ths poem hs inspired me and gvn me the courage 2 move on. as hard as it is to let go you jus hv to let it go. I cnt believe am lettin my man of 5years go gettin married in the next 2 weeks i go to let it go.

  48. After reading this ,I realised that almost everything that was being said by the servant of God was actually refeering to me,I never realised that I was actually holding myself back by holding on to almost everything that never brought happiness to my life ,holding on to things and people that I never needed in my life,but ever since I read and began meditating on the message I notices a change in my spirit ,I feel like a free soul now, I feel light ,everyday I I thank God for using Pastor T D Jakes to minister to lost souls like mine and reviving us,may the spirit of God shield you all the days of your life

  49. This poem inspired me back in 2008 when i first read it. I actually had found the strength to do just what i was shared in this passage, I had let go of my dead end job and the mental abusive relationship.. But saints as the old saying goes once u give it to GOD u cannot pick it bac up. I am ashamed and embrassed to admit that my flesh won once again in 2011. Im back where i was in 2008.. I’ve allowed a man to come into my life knowing he was seperated and soon to be divorced!! LOL!! Yea Rite!!! I know we have all heard this one before but yes i fell into this web and i no i know better. I went so far out of my element God actually has allowed me to see that i was losing myself in this web.. When God is working in your life, everything and everyone that has no place in ur life starts to sound and feel like mumbled words.. Literally i fell like I’m in a bubble and im looking around like “Im not suppose to be here, Im so out of place, and Im surrounded by souls thats lost in the wilderness just like me”…
    But here i am today father!! Please hear my call!!
    I want to Thank you father for allowing me to see what i was doing was wrong and please give me the strength not to allow this man back into my life.. I beg for your forgiveness Lord!!! Lord I ask that u mend his family’s broken home. Lord Father I pray that u blessed thier finances beyond thier imaginations.. Lord I pray that u put on his wife’s heart that money isnt the foundation of any relationship, its U Father Lord its U!!!! Lord i asked that u give the peace of mind ive been longing for, for sometime now.. Lord you and only you know the depths of my soul and know everything i been through and done.. LORD FATHER YOU HAVE MY WORD: I’M NOT GIVING UP, I’M NOT GOING TO STOP, I’M NOT GOING TO CONFORM!!! I WILL KEEP PUSHING CAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT THROUGH WITH ME YET…. IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!

  50. I have been struggling for about two years with whether or not I should stay in my relationship. Its been so exhausting and I am not happy. I read this poem today and I am praying that God gives me the strength to let it go. I want a man that loves me for me, someone who is caring, loving, loves God, and that know that a man is supposed to be a provider a protector and not a abuser in all aspects. Everyone pray for me

  51. i’m in love with a man who has been hurt by things in his past that he has seen as a child abuse alcoholism he saw this with his parents who were both black he married a white woman and did only one thing he saw his father do well more of what each parent did he cheated lied drinked and smoked weed he came home and witnessed his father beating his mother up so he jumped on his father and almost killed him he’s lived with the guilt of that but we are both black and everything he saw his father do with his mother he has done with me the worst part is that he apologies for everything however he went as far as to pull a gun on me in the car(the gun didn’t work) while under the influence of alcohol now everyone says don’t forgive him send him to jail while others say if he admits he has a problem to alcohol and has other issues and seek help i shouldn’t abandon him he is a wonderful man he just lost his way somehow and i always had his back trying to help him trying to encourage him i want to help him i love him we were working on trying to save the relationship till this happened he cries to me to give him a chance and stay with him while he gets help what do i do i am a christian we are supposed to fogive i have forgiven and i still love him am i wrong what should i do i need spiritual guidance..

  52. Its realy hard of letting go,my heart is full of hatred and anger. All I do is stay in my room and cry,don’t know what to do anymore. Please help

    • Glenda i can only imagine what you are going through,but the key word is going through. The minute you get tired of swimming in ur own mess then u will rrealized that you are giving the enemy to much control over the life that he did’nt give u andnor could he take it. Girl get up and go look at that woman in the mirror and say no more and LET IT GO! And pray and believe in the power of Prayer, Believe me God will come in and clean you up and ur house but u have to be willing. i can go on and on and tell u what ive been through, but i want you to know that God can do all things. Becasue if he did it for me he can do it for you. Right now i am liv=fting you up in the Name of Jesus that he will move in ur life. AMEN!

  53. Ths message has truly helped me.My baby died the day i gave birth to her…Its almost a year but i cant let it go everyday i think what we would have been doing.I relate everthing to her being here which keep showing me she will never be here.The truth hurts me so much.I pray i Let it go!!


  55. Thank you T.D. Jakes and Sereta Jakes for all the Love you show to people. God blesses you soooo very much. Nothin’ But the Blood of Jesus! I listen to all you say when I can hear you speak the word. Love, Sister in Christ, Heather

  56. I remember these words that I heard years ago. I am a widow. My sister is l4 mos.
    younger than me. We have always been very close. She just announced that
    she and her 4 daughters are going on a Mother/Daughter cruise to the Caribbean and
    “no, you are not invited.” I feel so much rejection about this . . .I have no one to
    take vacations with . . .i live alone, eat alone, conduct my life 98% alone and
    have recently been through a very hard time with hair loss and my daughter 50)
    was in jail . . very very stressful. I don’t know how to get over this. i feel she
    didn’t stick up for me when the cruise was planned. Mother/Daughter cruise is
    just words. It could have been called Sister/Mother/Daughter cruise.
    I feel she has no empathy or compassion for my situation. I am feeling
    very hurt and really feel that this choice on her part will deeply affect our
    sisterhood . . . I’ve taken all her pictures (there were many) out of my house.
    How can I accept this? My ego and self esteem are in sad shape right now.
    I am a Christian. She is not.

  57. After total evaluation, those bad trees that wouldn’t bare fruits has to be hued down. In conclusion, its either him or her, He or She. The strongest devil that torments the soul. None among the two is perfect but sometimes we have to “LET IT GO”. She’s gone in my life. I am a free soul and my inner spirit is living healthy today. Whose bed does broken hearts go? I am still here. All I need is love. Check for me on face book as twosouls29 at yahoo dot com. God bless!

  58. I read this poem after I started once again feeling like Im working too hard to sustain a relationship that is just not supposed to be. I am one of 5 gals who grew up in a marriage where we watched our father beat, cheat on and verbally abuse our mother. If you look at us from the outside you will think oh these gals turned out to be wonderful young women but that is too far from the truth, I believe we all have issues and anger that is burried deep within. I always hoped and waited for my father to change into the kind of father that would be ideal. Until my mum left him, he never ever changed. I am glad my mum left him finally but I am feeling bitter and do not understand why she took so long. Anyway I met a guy when I was at University and loved him very fast. He took care of me, spoiled me, spent money on me and would do just about anything for me. A year later he informed me he was married. My world was just shattered but he was so kind and took even better care of me after I found out these sad news. I knew I had to leave him but I just failed everytime I tried. Two years after that his wife got pregnant and he never told me until I had a dream in which he carried a baby,so I asked him and he confessed. Once again I was shuttered because I felt it was me he was supposed to have a baby with. He had named the baby my name. How sick is that anyway? I carried on with him for 8 years. During the period I was with him it happened often that I would have a dream where he was sitting talking to me or even making love to me then his face would suddenly change into my dads face. I think the reason I stayed so long with him was because he fulfilled what my father failed to fulfill. When I finally let him go I cried so much I thought I would die but I prayed and God was there. A few months after him I met a guy that I once again fell inlove with quiet quick. I was so afraid to love so I fought the feelings. I failed in fighting them coz this guy was always around me and we got along too well. When I met him I knew exactly what kind of man I wanted so I told him. He kept a secret from me for 8 months, that he was in a relationship and had a new baby with the woman, once again I was shuttered. This guy is not someone that spoils me, buys things for me or spends money on me coz he doesnt have it and Im ok with that coz that was not what I was looking for anymore. Im with him now almost 2 years. He informed me he left the woman he confessed about but she wont accept the break up. I have so much anger inside me that when anything small happens I lose my mind and lash out at him badly. I do believe and have knowledge that he informed the other woman that he wants out of the relationship. My problem is I am scared and worried that this woman will be standing in the way of my happiness for very long time. I cannot waste yet another 8 years of my life waiting for a man to be all mine. I feel silly because he is always trying to keep me assured and secure, he spends all his off time with me and he is very loving. My dad never changed, my married boyfriend of 8 years made me wait so long for nothing, this one has a baby mama that fights for him with all her strength. How can I trust that it will be only me at the end? I am so worried and not too sure what is what. My heart feels love for him but my mind just sees only trouble coming. I have also found out I have a condition that is highly linked to infertility and that also makes me angry. Why should other women be pregnant by the men whom I love? Now I am thinking of letting go of my current relationship but at the same time Im worried that I will drop something that was going to work out anyway. I pray everytime to God asking him to show me who the right man is but I dont see anyone else except the one Im with. Im 30 and wonder if I lack patience and belief or if I am just lying to myself if I think my current boyfriend will ever just be mine alone. I think if I do let go, he can have the issue with the baby mama sorted out in time and if we are meant to be then we will be together without any complications in our life. I want to trust him badly but any little thing that happes which is linked to this woman just drives me out of way and I doubt now that I can build trust in this situation. I pray that God will show me a clearer picture.

  59. I have been married for 17 years got married at a young age I can never really say that I have really been happy Im in a relationship where my husband has always went out of his way for people outside our marriage especially women single women. My husband could careless if I was hurt or happy. We have to two children together and they feel the tension between us they notice that their daddy can walk in the house from work and not even say anything after working 14hr sifts.When he gets home he go straight to the bedroom eats and goes to sleep. There’s never a kind word and when I disagree with his being over friendly with women at work he says I’m jealous and I cant control who he talks too or who he helps. I feel very disrespected all the time and I feel like my son and daughter will think this is how marriage is always being disrespectful to your mate. I forgive and forget many times and I just don’t believe that this is what happens when a man loves a woman. I feel so empty and emotional drained because he can go weeks at a time not talking to me I think that is the most silliest thing for two adults to do. I know that I’m Gods child and I deserve respect and God has so much more in store for me .Im growing stronger everyday and everyday I remind my children of how wonderful love is especially Gods love for it will never change his always there. I know that God is working things out in my favor and though my circumstances might look gray God is still in control and yes I get weary I know that God is standing with his arms wide giving me the love I need to stand. So each day I let go of my husbands disrespect toward me, I Let Go of any strong holds Let go of this man and giving him the love that he is just not ready for and doesn’t deserve. I Let it Go

  60. This poem is the best i ve came across with. It alway good to let go some things in our life. I know a times is that easy.

  61. My jesus there’s nothin in the world as diffult as let it go, when u r hurt a deep wound forms within,it takes time to heal especial when the scar is caused by brethren within the church,on January My little Sister passed away n during the process of my brethren desserted me,they left me all alone,on the funeral day none of them came to the funeral, i was disapointed cos i wanted to win my family for Christ but dat did’nt happen n last week our pastor called us to apologise his wrong doings.

  62. I ws in a relashionshp 4 7yrs the man i thot he loves me bt after a year he started cheatin and tell me tht i cnt give hm children and he found sum1 who is better thn me thn 1dai i ws sleepin and the radio playd ths awesome poem and thse words touched my heart and changed my lyf coz i learnd 2 let it go.amen!

  63. Thanks for the message Pastor,but how do I let go. I cant erase the thoughts its hard. My boyfriend of three years was cheating for me with her previous girlfriend the mother of his child,she infected him with HIV,and when he found out his status he got angry,killed the girls boyfriend,and then he went home to kill himself. I know he loved me he has never hurt me before,he wanted to marry me it was fun havung him around he always made me smile. He is gone now. Intead of being angry @ him I love him more. How do I let go?

  64. i thank God for making me stumbling into this message this morning, been going through alot in my place of work and at home, am so hurt and so sad. am holding so much pain and anger in my heart for everyone but i thank God for this message on letting bad things go. am willing to let it go through the help of the Holy spirit cosi cant honestly do this on my own. letting it sink in my heart that the first step to letting go is knowing that holding all this pains and hurt in my heart must leave. i need to heal and let go take the wheels in my life.

  65. I was in prison when I read this poem and I have to say it really inspired me not to be angry,depressed and it helped me to get rid off bad company and seek saints. I read this oem as often as possible because I am human and get to feeling down and it lifts me up and kees me walking forward. I don’t look back. Thank you for the inspiratation

  66. An extremely inspiring poem. I was struggling with bad a friendship where a friend would cause you more misery that joy. I would feel drained and lose confidence. My friend was a childhood friend and we’d grown to be women together but as time went by I realised that she had changed, she had other friends whom I did not share similar values with. I grew to be her secret competitor. She would spite me whenever she could. She was no longer my ‘friend’ but my ‘worst enemy’. At some point it came to me that I should let her go and stop trying to forge a friendship where clearly there is not. It was not easy but worth it as a whole lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders. Pity she continued and never wants to speak to me again…at least I’m safe away from her discouraging comments, lies and backstabbing. God gave me the strength to accept that the longest friendship I had ever had was over. I let her go.

  67. its quite a touching poem, full of good advice,but for me idon’t know how to let go i have been married for 5yrs now i ‘ve got a 4yr old daughter. My relationship with my husband has been such a mess for 5yrs and it still is. I have suffered verbal,physical and emotional abuse, if i leave him i fear for my child’s welfare i tried counselling and it doesn’t seem to help,he lies and i ve’ got a strong feeling that he is cheating on me, whenever i try to ask something it blows out of propotion. What do i do now?. How do i let it go.? Please help. There are a lot of incidents i came across with in this marriage that are heartbreaking but i am trying to be strong for my child. I try to forget about the past but everytime he does something that takes me back. My life is a mess. How do i let it go.

  68. Holding on to d past limits u from going further & seeing far into the future. So, “Let it go”.
    Un4giveness is an hindrance to receiving answers to our prayers, fellowship with GOD and will take its victim to hell. So, beloved friends u’ve got to……
    LET IT GO!!!


  70. Am also blessed by this poem am only 21 yrs old and working as a secretary for a attorney. the painful thing is am working very hard but my boss don’t recognise my effords I even work 1 hour overtime without paying me but still she don’t appreciate me
    , one mistake I do she will shout me like there’s no tomorrow. is very painful and am discouraged. but since I have read this poem my spirit is lifted up. is time to let it go. THANK YOU PASTER

  71. Everytime I’m reading this poem a load of bitterness n hatread is loading off!!! I so wish I could live by it everyday but its not easy!!! So much pain I went through and I’m still angry for Me *

  72. “let it go” has been my favorite poem. it rings in my heart and memory every minute.
    Its also the ringing tune of my phone. i have been passing through hell in my life since i was 15years in every thing i do generally and i have been so depressed, all hope lost, spiritual, physically and both financially but just yesterday i read dis poem, i have got a a Davidic courage in me once again..Soo what ever challenge you meet in life, its a training for a better tomorrow…. So, “LET THEM GO”.

  73. sometime life is so unfair, i love a man who is goin to get married soon i feel so sad and wat hurts the most is that i feel like he is using me coz he keep teling me dat he loves me bt then y marry someone else wats worse this poem moved me but wenever i see him he keeps holding me back and i cant help folin in love i knw its nt fair bse soon he iz to be a married man God give me streght i dnt know what to do

  74. We been together for four yrs.he has two kids outside differ parent.while I was wrking I was always de for him even finacail.I’m now jobless he can’t even put a bread on my table.I fill so useless couse he shud be helping me now.he dosent care .he even tells his friends dat he can’t support me but afraid to safe me.he is now arrested and I was de one dat he told and he needs my help.I am strong to face him when he is back but have no fait.pls pray with me.

  75. Thank you for some other informative site.
    The place else may just I get that kind of info written in such
    a perfect means? I have a mission that I am simply now operating on,
    and I have been at the glance out for such info.

  76. Good morning God’s children. Drawn to this poem because like yourselves I too have many relationships, situations and day to day challenges that hinder God from blessing my life. I believe the gist of this poem means that as long as we are held in bondage by past betrayals we cannot move forward into a life of peace, joy, and purpose. I’m a recovering addict of 5 years. My journey began when I accepted Christ as Lord of my life. In doing so I consciously with great intent applied His teachings by becoming humble and building my faith, trusting that I simply needed His help. My way hadn’t and wouldn’t work anymore. Upon surrendering to my own will, I let God have His will. My very existence has forever more changed. Don’t be confused though. Trouble still came but the manner in which I dealt with the issue made me a victor instead of a victim. Bishop has a message on one of his videos about: ” A Changed Mind”. Literally, I changed my mind from killing myself doing drugs, entertaining horrible relationships where men would lie, manipulate, use and abuse me, with my permission (being a willing participant) because of low self-esteem, low self-worth, no hope or vision for my own life. Unconsciously looking for something or someone that would fill the emptiness that ONLY Father God can and has, AMEN. My life has been restored and I am so abundantly blessed, I can hardly stand it.

    Once you have the courage through God’s grace and mercy you too ladies can do ALL THINGS and truly learn to love yourselves. There is no love like that of Christ Jesus, nothing compares. We have to always ask ourselves hard questions: What is the motive behind my decisions? What is it about myself that I’m not honestly looking at? Why do I insist on unchanged behavior expecting different results? Whatever it is that lacking, Mighty Powerful God can heal, restore, uplift, and guide you through it ALL. Amen. I pray in earnest that my message helps one of you through the Holy Spirit manifesting my love for all who are still hurting. God Bless, Protect, and Prosper everything you endeavor.

  77. I have been hurt and have hurt the people that loved me.
    20 times i moved back and forth to a man that had given up on us hoping that things would change.
    i became violent and abusive and couldnt tone my voice down in arguments, as such he called of our engagement for marriage. whats painful is that all these things were happening in front of the child i had from previous relationship.
    hoped that through praying and trying to change to make him happy it would work out, he never forgave me, as such trust and love left the door.
    I am letting it all go, the names i was called, the painful rejections that have come my way.
    I believe God has a bigger and better plan for me and my daughter, looking ahead for a man that will love me for me, with the hiv i have. i no longer beg Its time to MOVE ON LET IT GO

  78. Letting it go is hardest thing to do. I tried 4 14 yrs. Then we were brought back by death and divorce of our spouses and we immediately got back together and it was perfect. Now its time to part ways again after plus minus 2 months of the ressurection of our relationship. She says im a bad communicator and yes I am but I love her and always will. How do I let go, when I cnt stop thinking about her? I never stopped thinking about her.


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