A lil R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Good Morning in Blogland.  We all know today is a big day. Fat Tuesday, Super Tuesday and the Giants( go NY) get their parade down Canyon way. Lots and lots of things going on. Today, NYC Transit decides to go crappy( which is not unusual) and has major delay and Train traffic. Do they tell us what happened? Nope. Not even a incoherent crackle over our lousy PA system.  So a plethora of “B” Trains come in but only two “Q” Trains. So of course People pack on cause go forbid it be the last train into NYC but I digress.  So As I stand there holding on, the trains does it stopping and lets people off and one young lady decides she needs to squeeze in behind me not fully realizing there was some at the door. Now , lets be honest. If you see someone standing just in front of the door at a diagonal on a crowded ass train, you should assume that someone that someone is behind them. Instead she moves back there, realizes too late and then I am stuck the rest of the ride with her freaking bag in my back. Now I’m thoroughly aggravated because as the trains lurches and stops and starts, her bag and herself are continuously in my back.  The train basically doesn’t empty out till 14th street. I got off the train with my mom, though it wasnt  my stop just to not to have okie folk heifer riding my back. Now before anyone says well its crowded, I know that already. I have ridden MTA all my damn life but you know how to stand so you don’t hit someone the train ride. Gimme a break.  The reason why I titled this RESPECT is because that something that seems to be lacking today in this world . First , MTA has no respect for its riders. You don’t tell people whats going yet you wanna raise the fare for crowded trains and lousy ass service.. Um NO. 2) people crowding on trains like it the last one god ever made. If you late, you already late. Let it go and wait.  3) At least say sorry for bumping someone. I mean Damn your mama didn’t teach you any fucking manners. ( pardon my french). But the lack of respect these days goes beyond my problems of this day. I have noticed in every facet of life. In our Microwave society where we need everything in 30 secs or less, have we forgotten how to be actual human beings. Now I know we are not perfect and we weren’t meant to be, but doesn’t that mean we forget how we were raised. Has the value system broken down so much that I now get surprised when a child says excuse me or thank you? I don’t know but when I was growing up , it was common courtesy. Now its a rare  a black diamond. You feel Me.

Peace and hair grease


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