Riding the positive energy train.. wanna hitch a ride?

Morning all out there in the world. This morning has been good. I feel no heavy weights or burdens that would cause me not to be in a good mood. I will admit yesterday was a lil rough but it also showed me how much patience I actually have. I wont go into full detail about yesterday but lets just say had it happened to me maybe a year ago, I would have thrown a hissy fit and had a temper flare up the likes the world has never seen. Yesterday however was more frustration than anger though anger had a role. As with Life, it can throw you curve balls when everything seems to be going well and honestly you just gotta roll with it. Bitching and moaning doesn’t change anything much and only makes you look whiny. Bah on that. Life has shown that the problem will be resolved fairly quickly and things can go back to somewhat normalcy. I guess that’s why I woke up today positive and not stressed. I also had ideas pop in my head for styling for a future shoot and that has really gotten me excited. Also , my manager told me some great news that will help push he and her company even further and in way help all her clients so that’s also wonderful to hear. Even though Mercury is in retrograde( meaning communication, travel and anything to do with timing is off) still does not mean things cant not be accomplished. It may take time for people to understand and get everything they need before they can move forward.  I’m sending positive vibes out cause whatever you send out is what you get back. Can’t knock the laws of the universe eh? 😉


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