Welcome to the Wild World of Internet Modeling

Afternoon All.  I write this blog after reading this forum thread on a more popular model and photographer networking site Model Mayhem. Now this site is no stranger to the infamous ” escort” question when it comes to getting to work with models of the Internet.  I will say from my experience , I have been asked whether someone can bring an escort, I say yes and usually let them know who else will be there. These days I don’t shoot without a Makeup Artist and sometime wardrobe and hair. This whole feeling of being safe on a modeling job still astounds me. We are in danger at any given moment of our lives yet we don’t bring escorts to our jobs or schools or even when we are walking down a city street. Now I know there are perverted and crazed photographers out there  but honestly for every one you hear about, how many don’t you hear about who actually shoot, shoot well and get the job done and model citizen go home unscathed.  In this particular thread, the model decided to test the photographer by asking if he allowed an escort. He explained he works out of his house and it would be too cramped. She felt this wasn’t a sufficient reason and cancelled the shoot. She then proceeds to ask if that was the right thing to do. Are you kidding me? You want validation for your decision that affects you and you alone. If that’s your test to see if a photographer is on the up and up , then more power to you. Now I am all for if you get a weird vibe from a photographer cause that means something is up, cancel away.  But to say that’s your test for every shooter out there, you limit your options. I will have to say that I am extremely spoiled. I work with professional models I find off the Internet as well as Agency models. The only time I have seen an escort is when their moms drop them off. The moms do not stay and I honestly wouldn’t care of they did. As suggested in the thread , check the photographers references. I dont care if anyone checks my references. call the agencies I test for and ask if their girls come back in one piece and if they had a good experience. Ask any model I have worked with. That is how you conduct business. I will tell you I have a makeup artist I work with regularly and when a model lists she has an escort with her at all times, its a deal breaker. Its not because I’m a perv or we gonna kill her, we came to shoot not have you babysat. When model get called for jobs, they don’t bring anyone but them, so why in this day and age it is now for their safety. Photographers have alot more to lose. Equipment for one which is expensive and has a pretty decent re-sale value. As I stated before, I’m spoiled by professional models. I  really don’t see the need to have someone there for your safety.  I have a whole crew makeup, hair and stylist for you the model. How much more safety do you need? Also, most photographers dont have separate studios outside their houses. So a photographer should just be happy go lucky you bringing someone in their house that they cant watch cause they are shooting you and this individual basically has run of the house. I mean honestly.

Your best bet in this day and age is check references and that really should be it. I mean they check reference when you trying to get a regular job right?

Ya feel me?


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