Sheila Frank and Shannon Sutherland show

shannonMorning out in Blogland. Last night I went to a fashion and comedy show at the Broadway comedy club. It was funny and the designs were amazing. The fashion designer was Sheila Frank. She designed some amazing swimwear pieces which were on display last night. The hostess of the evening was Shannon Sutherland. She was extremely funny and to use her fav word, Fabulous. The evening began with comedy from 5 Comics from around the NYC area. They were:

Carmen Lynch, Aaron Kominos-Smith, Aaron Haber, Jerry Shack and Erik Rivera. The reason I was there was because one of the Model citizens I shot was participating in the fashion show Bryanna Nicole.

I am attaching some of the images from the show last night

 I had a great time.

Peace and your mama’s hair greaseBryhair1rsz.jpgKerrymake1rsz.jpgssrsz.jpg


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