I wonder….

The United States of America seems to be in a super tizzy over the whole election and the all the candidates. I honestly why shouldn’t we be. We are currently living in a 8 year oppression and a deficit that our four fathers probably would have never imagined.  Each candidate seems to be drilling in our heads “CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE” Ok ok  I get it.  We need change..DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! If you thinks that something new, you are sadly mistaken. Of course we need change.  We needed change from day one. We have our two front runners McCain and Obama.  Hillary Clinton is quite strong but she is still in 2nd place as this whole world knows, nobody pays attention to the runner up till the 1st place person fucks up. Right now the race is McCain versus whoever on the democratic side. Obama seems to be blazing a trail past Hillary racking up funds like nobody’s business yet no one seem to be questioning why or how these funds are filtering to him so fast. He was quick to jump on Hillary to show her tax returns when she put her own funds in. Is there really a need? I mean she was a lawyer and she seems like a shrewd business woman so why exactly cant she invest in herself and have to prove it to anyone? Also are the funds being filtered to Mr. Obama setting him up for a grand failure?  We all know money talks and BS runs the marathon but with all the money being filtered through, who exactly is really winning? Are there invisible forces at work basically swaying this campaign to be what they want? is there a hidden agenda? Now before you call me a conspiracy theorist, be realistic and think. Our country is suffering in a horrible debt crisis. Everyone who isn’t a star or billionaire is feeling the crunch. So no matter what the everyday man does, the money coming in to these campaigns are coming from the Super rich who in their own rights have their own agendas to protect.  You really think super rich want change? you think they want their tax bracket and breaks to change. I doubt it seriously yet the every state is jumping on the Obama bandwagon cause he is preaching change. Keep preaching because should he be elected, we all will have to pay for it for better or for worse.  I don’t dislike Obama because what he is saying is true but he needs to prove himself and as well as know actions speak louder than words. Giving people lip service is all what we are used to but how are you honestly going to affectthis “Change”. I like Hillary and I like Bill. No matter the scandals, the country didnt have a deficit and life was actually pretty good under that administration. I think Obama and Hillary need to team up and become the dream team super ballot. They could both effectively help each other where they are individually lacking.  I think that ticket would effectively super charge the country to Vote Dem  but thats a dream and it isnt going to happen. This thing called ego will be the downfall for that.  All I see is if Obama wins the candidacy, it will be his election to lose.



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