Nice day for a shoot

BryannaHey lovelies. I got to shoot with my Lil Diva aka Bryanna Nicole. This  may have been my last time to get to work with her. She is on her way to basically take over the fashion modeling world one stilletto heel at a time. She is an amazingly beautiful young lady and somehow loves working with me. I cant complain. She is a natural. I also got to Work with a new Makeup artist Chrystan Bell. She is gifted and a sweetheart. I would recommend her to any photographer. Also my lil shooting was filmed by no other than sir Chuck Holliday for  THE NY.  Hopefully Chuck got some great stuff. Tomorrow I will be on a conference call with my marketing and PR manager to discuss my business formation so this weekend will definitely be full. I have attached some images from today’s shoot for your viewing pleasure.BryannaBryannaBry

Peace and your mama’s hair grease


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