” The Lull”

Hey All.  Right now I am going through what I call ” the lull”. This means that nothing out of the ordinary is occurring which in all honesty is a very good thing. These are usually the times I turn to art to get inspiration for future shoots.  It seems as of late people I have had regular correspondence with have decided to not talk to me. I am not upset because this usually means they are busy. I have not done anything to cause anyone not to talk to me so I am not going to blame myself. During times like this, I analyze alot of what people have said to me and promises that were supposed to be followed through on.  As it stands now, I don’t really have anything to do when it comes to working with other people. The communication has stalled and I am not one to constantly call or email to find out whats going on. There is a reason why I don’t know and it causes me  not to care. I have other things I am working on for myself, my family , my career and my life and as TD jakes said, we are attached to no one.  My moves in photography are slow and methodical. I have no need to rush anything. I’m just trying to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. This lull I am in is a truly reflective state and now I only reflect on what has been given to me and what hasn’t. It has caused me to change the way I view people but that always was happens when you are going through a personal growth period.

Peace and Love


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