Sue Rock Designs and the Kick ass Model Citizens

Hi All.  Today was a shoot for Lady Sue of Sue Rock Originals, Sue and her hubby, Babefemi have created a beautiful new Spring/Summer ’08 collection. I had a wonderful set of models to work with today. They were Shauna Faith, Satin Addison, Lady Sarah , Emily and Natalia.  I also got to work with my favorite MUA Magali and she did an amazing job. Everyone was wonderful and such fun to work with. I have attached a few images from the shoot. Enjoy



SITE RELAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo. Hi all. Just wanted to do a quick blog telling you my photography site has relaunched. I am very excited with the new layout. Thanks goes out to Tracy of Imaginetive designs for doing such a great job on the re-design and Jameka of JSWmediagroup for helping select images and overall look.

Draco Photography

Enjoy 🙂

I will do it when I am good and ready


Hi All.  Welcome to another life and times of Jan. I will tell you I am having a blast writing this blog. It is quite fun to vent and just write your thoughts out. In today’s episode, we have a case of “Either Piss or get off the pot”. This lovely saying 🙂 came about when people are indecisive and it is this indecisiveness that is affecting other people.  Now, that is not to say we are all not indecisive in our lives but don’t dill dally when it affects other people. If it affects yourself, take as long as you want because eventually you will get tired of not deciding as well unless you one of those people who like to play martyr. Claim to make decisions about what you gonna do to improve your life and don’t do a damn thing. Then you fall into here but I covered that topic already. Anyhoo, back to today’s topic. May I ask why it is so hard to make a decision? I mean we make them everyday even if it subconsciously. We make decisions to what we wear, how we wanna smell, what we wanna eat, how we wanna travel, when we wanna leave, when we want more money, the list goes on and on. Now, when it comes to relationships, this is where people like to pretend it gets sticky but it doesn’t because internally, the decision is already made. People just looking for ways to express the decision.  This might be sticky but not really either. You know how blunt or not blunt you can be with certain people and these days, people are more scared of the truth than anything. We afraid to be told about ourselves especially by those close to us but those are the people who really know us the best. Best believe if my friend is acting like an ass I will tell them even If I have to find a nice way to say it.  I don’t want my friends to suffer anymore and I don’t want them to hurt themselves. My gram used to call me the voice of reason which I didn’t understand till later on in life. I just have this things about black and white. Shades of gray do bother me sometimes but I digress. 

If you cant make a decision that affects more than just you, you better be prepared for the people it does affect to make it for you and sometimes ah fudge it most of the time it wont be in your favor. In this microwave society, we cant wait forever for people to do something and in relationships, even more so because of the emotions involved. Should  you be one of those people that have broken record syndrome, record yourself one day and listen how ridiculous you sound saying the same things over and over again. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. Just like guests and fish, excuses begin to stink after 3 days.  Don’t be surprised if you notice the ” I can’t believe they saying this Ish again” face on your friends and loved ones. So, please don’t take a millennium to make a decision because it may be one you will end making completely alone.

Peace and your mama’s Hair grease