HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This blog is to Wish lady Jameka a KICK ASS birthday.. Finally legal to drink.. hehehe BOUT TIME






When Life gives you lemons, you make some kick ass lemonade



Hey lovelys. Since my weekend was just ok cause I cant front I had fun with my people, Im still a lil pissy about models no showing. So instead I have decided to use my fury to write a new novel about the industry. Can I tell you, I never realized how much you can really affect people by telling them you want to write something. My close friends in this industry all wanna play such sleazy and scandalous characters its insane. But I am happy because this means i can focus the energy to something I think will be positive. I will try and change names to protect the innocent. I make no guarantees 😉


I wish everyone a wonderful week



The Curse of the Model Flakes

Hi All. Today would have a been a shoot I have been planning for over a month but instead I got attacked by the “Model flake” monster. The best thing about this monster is it doesn’t show up to hurt you yet it hurts you nonetheless cause people don’t value your time or your team’s time. Please understand I had studio, Makeup , hair and wardrobe which means basically all these ” models” had to do was show up. I guess the reason I am truly pissed off is that no one bothered to text me and say, ” Jan, I’m sorry . The weather is too beautiful and I really do not want to shoot.” I will tell  you that is one reason I can understand. Mother nature blessed NYC with a seriously warm and beautiful day which I was hoping for to make my shoot more awesome. But alas it did not happen. I will say I did get to do some bonding with my Fav Makeup artist Magali and my Fav Hairstylist Nikki. Believe me it was worth it. Sometimes we get caught in photography not realizing we are more than what we do. So I will say I had a good time and I got to pretend to be tourist in lovely 42nd street.  Next time I guess I will just use agency models cause at least they will show up 🙂





Wonderful to meet a new person who has a wonderful spirit

Today was great day. I met a young lady named Jaquette. She is an upcoming stylist from NJ. I will be working with her on a Magazine shoot for Mirror Mirror Magazine in May. It was very nice to meet her . She has a wonderful spirit and a great vibe. I am a huge believer in vibes and feelings you get off of people. I got a great vibe from her and I would recommend her to working with any of my photographer friends even with out working with her directly. In this industry, sometimes that is the way it is. I know sometimes I can rub people the wrong way but that is usually when that person disturbsmy spirit or disturbs someone I am close too.  But thats my way. I am not impressed by titles but more impressed how your quiet spirit comes across.

I think the shoot will go pretty well




I love when a plan comes together

AmyEmilyHi All. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had a mag shoot, A designer shoot and Test shoots. Thankfully, they all blended and flowed so nicely. I have to thank God for sending wonderful people to work with yesterday and Mother Nature for blessing me with wonderful weather for my outdoor work.

Shoutouts to Magali(kick ass Makeup artist), Shavonne of Truestyle(Wonderful Wardrobe Stylist), Jin(Great Model Citizen), Travis Smith(Ed Hardy’s new face and Great Model), Amy Rich(Great Agency model from RED), Emily Fink( New Model with ID Models), Sue Rock(Great designer) and Tommy of Glamour Image Studio who is not only a great photographer but a very cool person as well.

There will be an edit to this post because I will be adding pictures. So far , Jameka loves what I have done for Klazzy. I cant wait for those images to get published. I will be posting images from all the shoots here.

Sue said she was very happy for her first experience participating in a photo shoot and realized exactly what goes into it. It has helped have a better understanding as well as know what she needs for her book.



People are Quiet


My Photo  hehehe

Hey Y’all.  I know I haven’t written in a minute but I got caught up in a few things. You know how life can be. Anyhoo, it seems as of late there is a real quiet and stillness around people I know and people I know of.  Everybody has been quietly doing their own thing. Now that isn’t to say I don’t see a bulletin there or read a blog here about what they have been up to, but there isn’t a huge fanfare.

As it always happens, the economy affects everyone in different ways. Some people’s pockets are deep, but during these times you want the best for your money or with some models best for no money. Unfortunately that trend with models has become surprisingly large but I digress. People quietly making their dough cause ain’t nothing like making too much and mofos wanna take it from you. People finding new ways to enhance revenue streams without rippling too many waves.

Personally, I like the “quietness” of it all. It means people are handling their business and that’s what you need to do in every facet of your life no matter what you do. Control your dough don’t let it control you.  Too many people out there can do what you do and probably better, so think long and hard why you may have the friends and the clientele that you do. Are you dependable, reliable, easy to contact, forthcoming, honest? Believe me Word of mouth can make you or break you. 

 As for me right now, I have alot of projects swirling around that will need to get accomplished by June and after that no more handouts. I got a wedding to pay for a family to provide for so I don’t wanna ish about you being broke. I’m not Markus Klinko or Indrani but I do take some pretty good photos and I’m working hard to the best Jan I can be.

Peace and your mama’s hair grease