People are Quiet


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Hey Y’all.  I know I haven’t written in a minute but I got caught up in a few things. You know how life can be. Anyhoo, it seems as of late there is a real quiet and stillness around people I know and people I know of.  Everybody has been quietly doing their own thing. Now that isn’t to say I don’t see a bulletin there or read a blog here about what they have been up to, but there isn’t a huge fanfare.

As it always happens, the economy affects everyone in different ways. Some people’s pockets are deep, but during these times you want the best for your money or with some models best for no money. Unfortunately that trend with models has become surprisingly large but I digress. People quietly making their dough cause ain’t nothing like making too much and mofos wanna take it from you. People finding new ways to enhance revenue streams without rippling too many waves.

Personally, I like the “quietness” of it all. It means people are handling their business and that’s what you need to do in every facet of your life no matter what you do. Control your dough don’t let it control you.  Too many people out there can do what you do and probably better, so think long and hard why you may have the friends and the clientele that you do. Are you dependable, reliable, easy to contact, forthcoming, honest? Believe me Word of mouth can make you or break you. 

 As for me right now, I have alot of projects swirling around that will need to get accomplished by June and after that no more handouts. I got a wedding to pay for a family to provide for so I don’t wanna ish about you being broke. I’m not Markus Klinko or Indrani but I do take some pretty good photos and I’m working hard to the best Jan I can be.

Peace and your mama’s hair grease



One thought on “People are Quiet

  1. So THATS where you and the golden guy have been secretly hanging out – ya have been ordering yourselves a family, huh?

    you know me, quietness is aggressiveness in my world, so the quieter things are, the better things are.

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