I love when a plan comes together

AmyEmilyHi All. Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had a mag shoot, A designer shoot and Test shoots. Thankfully, they all blended and flowed so nicely. I have to thank God for sending wonderful people to work with yesterday and Mother Nature for blessing me with wonderful weather for my outdoor work.

Shoutouts to Magali(kick ass Makeup artist), Shavonne of Truestyle(Wonderful Wardrobe Stylist), Jin(Great Model Citizen), Travis Smith(Ed Hardy’s new face and Great Model), Amy Rich(Great Agency model from RED), Emily Fink( New Model with ID Models), Sue Rock(Great designer) and Tommy of Glamour Image Studio who is not only a great photographer but a very cool person as well.

There will be an edit to this post because I will be adding pictures. So far , Jameka loves what I have done for Klazzy. I cant wait for those images to get published. I will be posting images from all the shoots here.

Sue said she was very happy for her first experience participating in a photo shoot and realized exactly what goes into it. It has helped have a better understanding as well as know what she needs for her book.




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