The Curse of the Model Flakes

Hi All. Today would have a been a shoot I have been planning for over a month but instead I got attacked by the “Model flake” monster. The best thing about this monster is it doesn’t show up to hurt you yet it hurts you nonetheless cause people don’t value your time or your team’s time. Please understand I had studio, Makeup , hair and wardrobe which means basically all these ” models” had to do was show up. I guess the reason I am truly pissed off is that no one bothered to text me and say, ” Jan, I’m sorry . The weather is too beautiful and I really do not want to shoot.” I will tell  you that is one reason I can understand. Mother nature blessed NYC with a seriously warm and beautiful day which I was hoping for to make my shoot more awesome. But alas it did not happen. I will say I did get to do some bonding with my Fav Makeup artist Magali and my Fav Hairstylist Nikki. Believe me it was worth it. Sometimes we get caught in photography not realizing we are more than what we do. So I will say I had a good time and I got to pretend to be tourist in lovely 42nd street.  Next time I guess I will just use agency models cause at least they will show up 🙂






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