“This is what we call the Anti-backpack”

This Blog is for Harlem’s finest Rapper…  ESSO!!!!!!

Here is his new Video


He is actually a rapper that is intelligent and makes sense. Imagine that?!?!??!




Be Honest… you really don’t like what I do

Hi All. I want to hope that everyone had a good memorial day weekend and my prayers and love go to the families and soldiers that are and have defended our country.

In photography, there are times when we all go through the self doubt.  Usually it happens when you see someones work and then you look at yours and be like” WHY CAN’T I DO THAT?!??!!” I have thought that on many occasions. The art of photography is subjective not objective. You either like it or you don’t. I go through self doubt but I consider it as part of my growing process. I do not think I am better than anyone else. I just recognize we all have a different eye.  I have tried to get a lil grittier with my work but somehow I manage to always here how clean and simple my work is.  Am I offended? Not in the slightest. I have come to realize that is my style. I would like to break out of my comfort zone and try different things. I hate the word edgy because in fashion, it has no meaning and too many people throw it around like they know what they hell they are talking about. I consider myself fresh and clean. Simple and tasteful.  Not all people like what I do and I can appreciate that. You can’t  please everyone so don’t kill yourself to try.  The reason why I titled my blog they way I did is because some people do the ego stroke but they honestly don’t like you. Some people do things just so they can use you do get to other people. All I can say is if you are honest about things, you will save yourself alot BS in the end.



Reading is Fundamental

My life as a photographer sometimes calls for me to be a casting director. This happens when I have an idea I wish to shoot. Today, I posted a casting on craigslist looking for 2 female models. I listed height and size requirements and waht will be expected. As expected, I got most who followed direction and those who are trying to hustle. Now, I know in even facet of our lives we need to hustle but you can hustle in the height dept. I’m trying to do a fashion story and there is a height requirement that is needed. I do not cae if you can put on 5 inch heels and become 5’9″. No. No.No. It has been somewhat difficult to not to want to just completely lay into to this people and tell them….PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To add insult to injury, I receive an email that states ” Do you ever pay models?”  The shoot I am doing is a mag submission and I am offering TFCD so in this case I am not. Now that isnt to say that I don’t pay models, but when you come at me like that, I can guarantee I won’t be paying you.

Then Craigslist deletes my Casting. Simply amazing




Patience is a Virtue….. So wait a damn minute

Hi All. My mind has been teaming to write. THANKS ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 In this budding career I have, I really wished someone would have told me it really is the” Hurry up and wait” career. Photographers are an important part of a shoot but let’s be real. Most of our time is spent hurrying up and waiting.  We wait for models to show. We wait for Makeup Artists to make faces look amazing. We wait for wardrobe stylists to dress everyone. We wait for hair stylists to be done. We wait for art directors and editors give their approval. It is a complete hurry and wait career. So why is it some people in this industry want to make it like yesterday. Didn’t you read the fine print? I think that is funny sometimes when people seem to forget , there were people before and there will be people after you. Everything that happens in this life , happens when the fates, god, muses (whoever you want to believe in ) will let it. Some people lose sight that some things are put in your way to help you get to the point you should be. I had to basically straighten someone out who was rushing me to get their images back to them. Now when an editor has to review images, you are on their time not yours. I broke down the calendar by day and did not even receive a thank you for my trouble. Please understand it was basically one week that past while the editor was reviewing images. I run a 2 week turnaround no matter who it is. Wanna know why? I test with agencies in NYC and they believe in no more than 2 weeks to receive images or your ass will get dropped as fast as you say last season.  I am not the type of person to leave anyone hanging in the lurch and best believe if it takes longer to get images to you, I will advise. So to those of you out there(especially in this industry) even though we wish things could run in a New York minute, most of the time is runs in New york Five minutes.

Just be patient.

You will get what you deserve in all due time

Peace Jan

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere

Hi All.  I think most of you who read my blog by now can figure out I still have a 9-5 job until I can do photography full time (meaning it has to make financial sense to do so).  Now you wouldn’t think that on your 9-5(or in my case 9-6) you would not find inspiration but it isn’t true. I am now in a situation where I am surrounded by mostly guys and inspiration has come just from listening to them and also from what I have seen from fellow photographers.  Since starting my new job, I have actually come up with 5 new ideas for shooting to be hopefully picked up by a magazine.  I honestly cannot say my job is boring but because I am not been there long enough so I am slowly picking up my job so it definitely gives me some time to think about photography.  What I have noticed about myself and what I found out other people notice is that I am following my own path and doing things in my own time. I see absolutely no reason to drive myself crazy because things maybe happening fro others faster than they maybe for me. But as they say time is an illusion and it moves no faster or slower than we think. We get everything when we are supposed to and that is good enough for me. I am very thankful for my new place of employment because it has also given me the opportunity to open networking opportunities for my photo business.



City Chick Magazine Lounge Session

Hi All.  Yesterday evening I went to City Chick Magazine’s 1st lounge session of 2008. City Chick magazine is owned and run by Neferiti. Nefertiti is an extremely talented and busy young lady. To call her an entrepreneur is the tip of the iceberg. She seamlessly setup her career and has managed to grow herself into a thriving business and has turned city chick magazine into 10,000 daily views without marketing proving the power behind her name which is of course her brand. The lounge session yesterday was great and I am learning to enhance my networking skills. I invited one of my co-workers Shaka Smith. He is an upcoming actor from Houston and he has only been in NYC for 2 months so I figured this would give him an opportunity to get himself out among those in this industry.  I myself got to introduce myself as well to other people who are taking their lives into their own hands and making it happen. I was there with Hector aka Hydra Multimedia. Hector was one of the first photographer’s I met on my journey and he told me last night that he is extremely proud of me. It felt really great considering he has seen my work from the beginning. Also in attendance was Chuck Holliday. Chuck in his usual self effacing claiming not to do anything. Always claiming to be a Janitor but as Shaka said so eloquently last night, Janitors have all the keys. I also met a Fine arts photographer Tim Hospodar , Ebony, a young lady who is currently a PA( Production Assistant) on feature films and a young lady names Christina Grant who is a jewelry designer. Of course there were other people there but the names I mentioned are the ones I actually got to speak with and somewhat get to know. Networking it not easy but it makes it easier when you are with people who are on the same quest and have similarities as you. Last night I think was a success for lady Nef and I am looking forward to her next one.


Peace Jan

Damn MTA But yesterday was a KICK ASS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All. Yesterday was my mag shoot and my first time testing with a new agency in NYC called VNY.  The day did not start off too hot cause MTA(hmph) caused me to be late and of course the one day I am late, almost my entire team was there. Sufficed to say, I was embarrassed but luckily, nobody held it against me. We got started right away and everything flowed so nicely.

I am giving shoutouts to the fantastic models citizens and my kick ass stylists. Much Props to





















To My Wonderful styling team Magali( who also did hair, thank you girly) and Lady JaQuette for providing kick ass clothing.  I was so happy that everyone was fun and wonderful to work with. It can be rare to work with people who are enjoying themselves and dedicated to work. I wish them all great success. I will be posting pictures shortly.





Go with your gut

Hi All.  I definitely did something that basically would save me a lot of grief and luckily for me , the person I was supposed to work with felt the same way. Sometimes, based off a simple phone call you can tell that you really won’t mesh with the other person. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. People want different things and sometimes things don’t work out. That is how life is. I am just glad that we both came to same conclusion.  Now that’s not to say either one of us is difficult to work with, we are just at different points in our careers. 

I have a shoot tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to it.

Hope to have images for you tomorrow evening