City Chick Magazine Lounge Session

Hi All.  Yesterday evening I went to City Chick Magazine’s 1st lounge session of 2008. City Chick magazine is owned and run by Neferiti. Nefertiti is an extremely talented and busy young lady. To call her an entrepreneur is the tip of the iceberg. She seamlessly setup her career and has managed to grow herself into a thriving business and has turned city chick magazine into 10,000 daily views without marketing proving the power behind her name which is of course her brand. The lounge session yesterday was great and I am learning to enhance my networking skills. I invited one of my co-workers Shaka Smith. He is an upcoming actor from Houston and he has only been in NYC for 2 months so I figured this would give him an opportunity to get himself out among those in this industry.  I myself got to introduce myself as well to other people who are taking their lives into their own hands and making it happen. I was there with Hector aka Hydra Multimedia. Hector was one of the first photographer’s I met on my journey and he told me last night that he is extremely proud of me. It felt really great considering he has seen my work from the beginning. Also in attendance was Chuck Holliday. Chuck in his usual self effacing claiming not to do anything. Always claiming to be a Janitor but as Shaka said so eloquently last night, Janitors have all the keys. I also met a Fine arts photographer Tim Hospodar , Ebony, a young lady who is currently a PA( Production Assistant) on feature films and a young lady names Christina Grant who is a jewelry designer. Of course there were other people there but the names I mentioned are the ones I actually got to speak with and somewhat get to know. Networking it not easy but it makes it easier when you are with people who are on the same quest and have similarities as you. Last night I think was a success for lady Nef and I am looking forward to her next one.


Peace Jan


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