Patience is a Virtue….. So wait a damn minute

Hi All. My mind has been teaming to write. THANKS ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 In this budding career I have, I really wished someone would have told me it really is the” Hurry up and wait” career. Photographers are an important part of a shoot but let’s be real. Most of our time is spent hurrying up and waiting.  We wait for models to show. We wait for Makeup Artists to make faces look amazing. We wait for wardrobe stylists to dress everyone. We wait for hair stylists to be done. We wait for art directors and editors give their approval. It is a complete hurry and wait career. So why is it some people in this industry want to make it like yesterday. Didn’t you read the fine print? I think that is funny sometimes when people seem to forget , there were people before and there will be people after you. Everything that happens in this life , happens when the fates, god, muses (whoever you want to believe in ) will let it. Some people lose sight that some things are put in your way to help you get to the point you should be. I had to basically straighten someone out who was rushing me to get their images back to them. Now when an editor has to review images, you are on their time not yours. I broke down the calendar by day and did not even receive a thank you for my trouble. Please understand it was basically one week that past while the editor was reviewing images. I run a 2 week turnaround no matter who it is. Wanna know why? I test with agencies in NYC and they believe in no more than 2 weeks to receive images or your ass will get dropped as fast as you say last season.  I am not the type of person to leave anyone hanging in the lurch and best believe if it takes longer to get images to you, I will advise. So to those of you out there(especially in this industry) even though we wish things could run in a New York minute, most of the time is runs in New york Five minutes.

Just be patient.

You will get what you deserve in all due time

Peace Jan


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