Reading is Fundamental

My life as a photographer sometimes calls for me to be a casting director. This happens when I have an idea I wish to shoot. Today, I posted a casting on craigslist looking for 2 female models. I listed height and size requirements and waht will be expected. As expected, I got most who followed direction and those who are trying to hustle. Now, I know in even facet of our lives we need to hustle but you can hustle in the height dept. I’m trying to do a fashion story and there is a height requirement that is needed. I do not cae if you can put on 5 inch heels and become 5’9″. No. No.No. It has been somewhat difficult to not to want to just completely lay into to this people and tell them….PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To add insult to injury, I receive an email that states ” Do you ever pay models?”  The shoot I am doing is a mag submission and I am offering TFCD so in this case I am not. Now that isnt to say that I don’t pay models, but when you come at me like that, I can guarantee I won’t be paying you.

Then Craigslist deletes my Casting. Simply amazing





3 thoughts on “Reading is Fundamental

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I put up a casting once for a 5’8″ blonde girl with blue or green eyes. Two interesting responses were a bald black girl, and a hispanic man.

    I totally feel your pain. *blink blink*

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