Magazine submission shoot yesterday.. what a great day

Hi All. I got to shoot a magazine submission piece yesterday. For those of you that do not know, basically a magazine submission piece is a storyline you shoot and you shop it around to your fav magazines basically hoping the story will get picked up. It doesn’t happen often but it does present you with an opportunity to show off your work and your skills. Pure bonus.  I shot yesterday at the Ramada in NYC on 34th and 8th. The outside of this hotel is quite deceiving because the room I had was phenomenal.  If you are going to shoot in a hotel, I do have a few suggestions. One kinda stagger the time of your crew arriving. I had rec’d 3 phone calls about people coming to visit me in my hotel room and I am sure if i got another one, security would have been right with them. Most hotels do not like their places being shot but give me a break. Unless you are one of those people who break things, shooting in hotels is fine. This was actually my second time being in a hotel for a shoot. The first time a circuit blew and mgmt had to change the room.  I was shooting 4 models plus my team of makeup (Glasslips), Hair (Nikki) and Wardrobe(J. Jones studio).  It would have seemed liked a mad house to the naked eye and I did get a lil stressed out (cause there were lil kids around) and I do love kids but sometimes their lil balls of energy can wear on your nerves. I let it pass because I had a job to do.  The models were: Shaka, Angie, Jovaughn and Julie. Everyone was great and got along well. I do hope the piece does get picked up so I will be able to get the whole crew some tearsheets as well.


peace Jan


Just got back from San Diego- What a beautiful place

 UPDATED: Images added on 6/29/08


Hi All. I recently went to San Diego with my super sexy hubba and I will tell you I had a wonderful time. I never thought there was actually a place where the weather stayed beautiful at any given time. The beach we went to was beautiful. The water is actually blue. Remember this is coming from a New Yorker so I am a lil jaded 🙂 We did have a model shoot but it was only for one day and the models that came Andrei and Merielle( Thank you) and Hectik ( wonderful MUA) did a wonderful job on friday. I will be posting images as soon as I go through all 300+ images. Give a girl a break. I had to go back to work the next day and I still having editing to do from 2 weeks ago. Yes I know I am slacking but it was so worth it to have that fabulous vacation. It was also our first trip to California so I am very glad we went there first. Maybe San Francisco next trip. Im not huge LA girl but I am sure one day I will get there.





The Fault lies within………..YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know sometimes I wonder if human beings suffer from huge brain farts all their lives.  I recently had a paying client schedule and reschedule a shoot. I spoke to him on the phone to confirm timing and I advised him that I would be sending him the information about the studio location. He not only responded but advised of an event he was having prior to shoot asking me to come through.  So please tell me why the day of the shoot comes, I get no phone call and no email. I own a blackberry which basically filters all my emails and phone calls. There is a reason why I love my blackberry. It keeps me in contact with every client and new client as well as my management team. So why does he proceed to tell me and my manager that I should have followed up with him. This is your shoot and if you were so concerned , you should have called and sent emails prior to the date. When you have 29 days to confirm and check, there is honestly no excuse besides the fact that he basically feel asleep and woke up late and trying to blame his lack of responsbility on us. Anyone who has work with me knows I provide as much info as possible especially when it comes to location and directions.  So Mr King of excuses has basically pissed me off. YOu will not dare infer that I never sent you info nor I was unreachable. That’s why I have a blackberry so I dont miss anything and since I provided my phone number, there is no excuse. He says I should have followed up with him. Please tell me why when you are the one paying for it. Are you not an Adult ? Don’t you have a calendar that you mark you appointments on? So to play wounded party will not work on me considering I know and everyone I have worked with knows how thorough I am.

I honestly do hope he finds someone else to work with him but he has lost me because you don’t throw me under the bus because of your shortcomings.






The Critique

Good morning all. I’m writing as the Big apple  is turning into the baked apple. Being an artist in anyway opens you up to to the world of eyes, ears and attitudes. I know that when I was younger, I wanted to be liked and I don’t know too many that didn’t . I started  basically going the modeling route but I really didn’t have the look and my heart really wasn’t in it.  It is a hard job but my heart is behind the camera.  There is something about just capturing the moment. No matter who may copy or emulate the image, they can never capture your moment.  The moment when the muses blessed me and god gave the perfect light  and whether its working with people  or shooting landscape, the moment when everything came together is your to savor alone.  But its when you present that moment to world is when the world’s eyes see and make judgements.  Modeling definitely helped develop the thick skin and my armor is not that steeled yet that I don’t hurt but I roll with the punches and keep learning.   I have mentors and those are the ones I respect not to blow smoke up my ass and tell me like it is. My mentors are amazing and they come from all facets of photography so I get it from all sides. I know some people are afraid of critique and on networking sites where people can leave comments, people just want their work and in turn them to be accepted.  There is nothing wrong with that but don’t expect a solid critique from everyone. Find those you respect to help you out and help you develop. For the most part, I am self taught and I am still learning my camera but I have asked people to help me and it has been a great journey.  What I appreciated the most were those people who were willing to give me a chance when I was just starting.   Its hard when you are starting out because you do need to prove yourself and you do need people to believe in you. For those that did, I thank you so much. Now 3 years later, I have 2 magazine covers and test with 4 agencies in NYC. I have worked and continue to work with a wonderful crew of people. People who I love to work with but I am always looking to work with new people because if someone gave me a chance, I want to give someone a chance to.  Pay it forward , Right 😉





Choose your words …… Wisely ;)


Afternoon all. Thank you Erin. You totally Kick ass.  This Blog entry has spawned this entry. I had placed an ad for 2 female models to work with 2 male models for a shoot that will take place in a hotel. As I type this, I realize how risque and off color it sounds but I am not that porno photographer or doing any type of shoot close to it. Sometimes, I forget that not everyone thinks like I do and I did get some responses which means other people didn’t think anything seedy either.  Unfortunately, some photographers have made this business so disgusting that it has become harder for honest photographers just loving to shoot.  I did put that it was a fashion editorial story but that fact that it took place in a hotel I guess was seedy enough for craigslist to decide to flag and remove.  I dont blame them. They have to protect themselves and they way some people talk about craigslist, some of things on there could make the devil blush. So just a friendly word of advice when posting an ad, just choose your words wisely or end up FLAGGED AND REMOVED.




Peace Jan