Choose your words …… Wisely ;)


Afternoon all. Thank you Erin. You totally Kick ass.  This Blog entry has spawned this entry. I had placed an ad for 2 female models to work with 2 male models for a shoot that will take place in a hotel. As I type this, I realize how risque and off color it sounds but I am not that porno photographer or doing any type of shoot close to it. Sometimes, I forget that not everyone thinks like I do and I did get some responses which means other people didn’t think anything seedy either.  Unfortunately, some photographers have made this business so disgusting that it has become harder for honest photographers just loving to shoot.  I did put that it was a fashion editorial story but that fact that it took place in a hotel I guess was seedy enough for craigslist to decide to flag and remove.  I dont blame them. They have to protect themselves and they way some people talk about craigslist, some of things on there could make the devil blush. So just a friendly word of advice when posting an ad, just choose your words wisely or end up FLAGGED AND REMOVED.




Peace Jan


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