The Critique

Good morning all. I’m writing as the Big apple  is turning into the baked apple. Being an artist in anyway opens you up to to the world of eyes, ears and attitudes. I know that when I was younger, I wanted to be liked and I don’t know too many that didn’t . I started  basically going the modeling route but I really didn’t have the look and my heart really wasn’t in it.  It is a hard job but my heart is behind the camera.  There is something about just capturing the moment. No matter who may copy or emulate the image, they can never capture your moment.  The moment when the muses blessed me and god gave the perfect light  and whether its working with people  or shooting landscape, the moment when everything came together is your to savor alone.  But its when you present that moment to world is when the world’s eyes see and make judgements.  Modeling definitely helped develop the thick skin and my armor is not that steeled yet that I don’t hurt but I roll with the punches and keep learning.   I have mentors and those are the ones I respect not to blow smoke up my ass and tell me like it is. My mentors are amazing and they come from all facets of photography so I get it from all sides. I know some people are afraid of critique and on networking sites where people can leave comments, people just want their work and in turn them to be accepted.  There is nothing wrong with that but don’t expect a solid critique from everyone. Find those you respect to help you out and help you develop. For the most part, I am self taught and I am still learning my camera but I have asked people to help me and it has been a great journey.  What I appreciated the most were those people who were willing to give me a chance when I was just starting.   Its hard when you are starting out because you do need to prove yourself and you do need people to believe in you. For those that did, I thank you so much. Now 3 years later, I have 2 magazine covers and test with 4 agencies in NYC. I have worked and continue to work with a wonderful crew of people. People who I love to work with but I am always looking to work with new people because if someone gave me a chance, I want to give someone a chance to.  Pay it forward , Right 😉






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