The Fault lies within………..YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know sometimes I wonder if human beings suffer from huge brain farts all their lives.  I recently had a paying client schedule and reschedule a shoot. I spoke to him on the phone to confirm timing and I advised him that I would be sending him the information about the studio location. He not only responded but advised of an event he was having prior to shoot asking me to come through.  So please tell me why the day of the shoot comes, I get no phone call and no email. I own a blackberry which basically filters all my emails and phone calls. There is a reason why I love my blackberry. It keeps me in contact with every client and new client as well as my management team. So why does he proceed to tell me and my manager that I should have followed up with him. This is your shoot and if you were so concerned , you should have called and sent emails prior to the date. When you have 29 days to confirm and check, there is honestly no excuse besides the fact that he basically feel asleep and woke up late and trying to blame his lack of responsbility on us. Anyone who has work with me knows I provide as much info as possible especially when it comes to location and directions.  So Mr King of excuses has basically pissed me off. YOu will not dare infer that I never sent you info nor I was unreachable. That’s why I have a blackberry so I dont miss anything and since I provided my phone number, there is no excuse. He says I should have followed up with him. Please tell me why when you are the one paying for it. Are you not an Adult ? Don’t you have a calendar that you mark you appointments on? So to play wounded party will not work on me considering I know and everyone I have worked with knows how thorough I am.

I honestly do hope he finds someone else to work with him but he has lost me because you don’t throw me under the bus because of your shortcomings.







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