Just got back from San Diego- What a beautiful place

 UPDATED: Images added on 6/29/08


Hi All. I recently went to San Diego with my super sexy hubba and I will tell you I had a wonderful time. I never thought there was actually a place where the weather stayed beautiful at any given time. The beach we went to was beautiful. The water is actually blue. Remember this is coming from a New Yorker so I am a lil jaded 🙂 We did have a model shoot but it was only for one day and the models that came Andrei and Merielle( Thank you) and Hectik ( wonderful MUA) did a wonderful job on friday. I will be posting images as soon as I go through all 300+ images. Give a girl a break. I had to go back to work the next day and I still having editing to do from 2 weeks ago. Yes I know I am slacking but it was so worth it to have that fabulous vacation. It was also our first trip to California so I am very glad we went there first. Maybe San Francisco next trip. Im not huge LA girl but I am sure one day I will get there.






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