New Agency, New Faces to work with

Hi All. Yesterday I did my own cold emailing campaign to modeling agencies around New York. I submitted to 8 Agencies. 2 had bad email addresses( it happens) but I did get a response back from one MC2. I get to test with one of their new faces this Saturday. I am very excited.  It never hurts to try and at least get your work out there.

Also , I know some have you have noticed a new page on my blog, Behind the scenes of Draco Photo. I will be starting a video Diary of my photo shoots so you can see and hear what happens behind the scenes. I can’t wait to get started.


Have a great day



Today was hot Day for a Cool Shoot



Hi All. Today I got out of my shoot funk I shot agency Tests and for Sue Rock Originals.  Believe when I say, I was just winging it. I did not have a set of shots I wanted to get. I just shot and It was great. It was nice also to work with some new energy and some energy I have not been around in awhile. Kudos to a new Makeup artist Natasha Renee– Girl you are Amazing.

Lady Sue brought her wonderful spirit which spread through all of us. Even though we were shooting Fall Pieces , Nobody gave an incling of complaints and Sue got to share her clothing with more people. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and Sue has such a wonderful spirit, I have not doubt it will spread.

Cleaning House ( in all senses of the term)

hi All. Since Thursday of this week, I have been cleaning house.  My hubby will soon be moving here and I need to make sure he has the comfort and space for everything he will need. But going through cleaning the house , I am also cleaning out my mental  , financial and emotional houses. I have held on to things for too long and it is time to just get rid of them and let them go. When you do see or use things for a long time, they will slip out of your mind. But should the opportunity come around when you see these things again , you have to make a decision about whether to keep them or throw them away.  I usually throw them away  after all I forget them so why keep them.




Never put your heart into it



Hi All. Well that magazine submission piece I was so happy about basically got chopped, skewered and left even before it was presented.  I seem to keep forgetting to stop putting my heart into photography because it will basically get chewed up and spit out because no one ever gets hat you see and wants something different. The major issue here is that I thought of the concept which means to me that I suck at art directing.  It means that the ideas I may come up with will probably suck. This “funk” comes from not being able to handle criticism but to get it thrown at you in 1,2,3 punch. So I am pissy and I moody and I really want to just go back to shooting things. At least if I fuck up there, I can blame myself and not fuck up anybody else’s hard work