Never put your heart into it



Hi All. Well that magazine submission piece I was so happy about basically got chopped, skewered and left even before it was presented.  I seem to keep forgetting to stop putting my heart into photography because it will basically get chewed up and spit out because no one ever gets hat you see and wants something different. The major issue here is that I thought of the concept which means to me that I suck at art directing.  It means that the ideas I may come up with will probably suck. This “funk” comes from not being able to handle criticism but to get it thrown at you in 1,2,3 punch. So I am pissy and I moody and I really want to just go back to shooting things. At least if I fuck up there, I can blame myself and not fuck up anybody else’s hard work




One thought on “Never put your heart into it

  1. Ah, grasshopper, you do not suck at art directing, and you should never not put your heart into photography…Opinions are just that, opinions. And each time we get knocked down, it is an opportunity to do even better…

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