What flavor of Kool Aid you Drinking? Is it grape aka purple or Cherry aka Red? Either way, I want some

Ever notice how some people just don’t know when to mind their own business? Never seems to fail that no matter what someone may be doing, every mofo got their mouths on something they don’t know anything about. The only reason why they think they know something is because they may have heard it from someone else.

It makes me wonder if people really do not have anything going on their respective lives. Does it really affect your world that someone may be doing well and you feel the need to bring them down. As an African-American female or Black woman( believe I am comfortable with both) I have noticed in my race especially that we can’t stand it when one of us uses what God gave us to succeed and actually does it. I can never understand why we have the crab mentality. Don’t ever want someone to better and if they are, they better find a way to hook you up. But I digress.

All your business doesn’t necessarily need to be out in the street but if somehow manages to get there, you may want to re-think the mofo’s you actually tell anything to. You can even test your theory by telling a bold face lie and see how it may come back to you.  You then might be able to tell who to keep close and who to leave on the curbside for NY’s Strongest to come pick up.


Feel Me 😉


It has nothing to do with their work. I don’t like them as a person.


Hi all. Every once and awhile I come across someones work that is great , down right phenomenal. But as with most of these networking sites these days, you do have the opportunity to interact via a chat client or room. There you can kinda get a handle on the type of person you may be dealing with. Problem is of course some people view as just the net , it doesn’t mean anything but in all honestly it does. If you come of as an asshole, people will think of you as one. Doesn’t really matter whether or not people in the chat may know you personally, you are viewed to a stranger as an asshole. Some say they don’t care and they do not have to. Afterall once they sign off, they have a “real-life”. The truth of the matter is the Internet has become a part of our real lives because there was a time when we did function without it, but it very rare these days for someone not to have an email address, or a website or as it seems to making people’s careers a blog.  So I am sorry if some people feel the Internet isn’t real because it is. It amazes me how people can compartmentalize things. The Internet isn’t real yet we use to find info on real things.  Amazing isn’t it?

But I will tell you , there are some photographers I don’t like and I am sure there ate those that don’t like me. I don’t like people who constantly need the ego stroke, The LOOK AT ME syndrome, If you don’t say hi to me first I will not talk to you. Fucking PRIMAS.   If you are good , know it but don’t let it consume you. There are people who are willing to pay you for your talent so basically the stroke comes from the pay check. If your peers like your work, even better. Try not to make it the expectation that every morning you wake up, somebody better tell me I am good or I will throw  a tantrum.

So not a good look

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August 13, 2008
Welcome to JSW Pulse…the official newsletter of JSW Media Group.  We always keep our pulse on what’s going on in the independent fashion, entertainment and publishing fields so that we can keep you well informed. Stay tuned for some fantastic events and activities from JSW Media Group, our clients and affiliates.    
Jameka S. Whitten
Principal, JSW Media Group
Mosaic Literary Center
 Seeks Volunteers
Mosaic Literary Center is a new organization in the heart of Northwest Charlotte dedicated to the discovery, cultivation and presentation of contemporary literature and the arts.
Our goals are to promote lifetime practice of reading and writing, to provide a forum and resource center for writers/artists in our neighborhood, in our city, and in our region, and to increase and diversify the audience for contemporary literature through innovative approaches to multi-arts programming. 
We are currently seeking
volunteers or any individuals
interested in partnering with Mosaic to make a difference in our shared communities. For more details email MosaicLiteraryCenter@yahoo.com

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MAPP Records
RISE Sport
Jordanos Boutique
Janine Addison of Draco Photography Featured in New Online Reality Show

Fashion Photographer Janine Addison will be featured in a new online reality program chronicling her journey as a young female photographer and entrepreneur in the heart of New York City.  Expect plenty of behind the scenes footage and interesting insight into the not always glamorous life of a fashion photographer.  The show is in production and is set to air this fall.  Meanwhile, check out her newly updated website, www.dracophotography.com  and her upcoming editorial spread in Mirror Mirror Magazine. 

Be A Part of Fashion History
Charlotte NC Fashion Week
September 18-20, 2008

Charlotte NC Fashion Week will take place September 18-20th at the Blake Hotel. The goal of CNCFW is to support the work of local designers, models, stylists, and fashion students in the Charlotte and surrounding area by providing a platform where they can showcase their talent to an audience of boutiques, buyers, press and fashion lovers throughout the region.
CNCFW will unveil its’ “Young Designers on the Rise” showcase Thursday, September, 18th which will feature 4 new rising designers in the industry covering the spectrum of fashion and design. Friday and Saturday will feature local designers like Luis Machicao Couture, Flow by Tara Davis, and Pixton Bridal Couture, all of whom have more than 10 years experience.

Key sponsors include Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte, Lancome Cosmetics, Carmen & Carmen Salon and Spa. CNCFW also will include popular hosts such as Jecinda of Clear Channel’s 96.1 The Beat Morning Mayhem, Project Runway’s Carmen Webber and America’s Next Top Model contestant, Michelle Deighton. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the International House and Crisis Assistance Ministry.
 For more information, visit www.charlottencfashionweek.com

Fashion Fridays @ Salara
We invite you to Fashion Friday @ Salara hosted by Jordanos Mens & Womens Boutique and presented by JSW Media Group and Salara Bistro and Dessert Lounge.  Expect an evening of great music, spectacular models showcasing fabulous fall fashions and incredible giveaways.  You don’t want to miss this stylish event.
Five Generous Door Prizes will be Given to Select Attendees.
 Each Giveaway includes:
   -2 Passes to Charlotte NC Fashion Week
-$225 Gift Certificate from Couture Portraits by Heather
-$50.00 Gift Certificate from Urbana Cityspa & Teabar
-Free Treatment from Planet Beach
-$25.00 Gift Certificate from Armis Salon & Day Spa 
– Free Eyebrow and Hydration Treatment from Potion
-Free T-Shirt from Lifestyle Brand Rise Sport
-Free CD “Future Sounds 32 Mix from Tankfarm Clothing”
Models provided by Carolina Talent Modeling Agency.  Hair and Makeup courtesy of Armis Salon & Day Spa
Friday, August 22, 2008 8:30 PM
 Salara Bistro & Dessert Lounge
Ballantyne Village
14825 John J. Delaney Dr. Ste. 160
Charlotte, NC 28277

No Cover!

Questions, email us

MAMi Media
MAMi Media, the avant-garde comprehensive agency, provides integrated marketing and advertising support for entertainment industry professionals. The definition of innovation, Mami Media offers inspired and effective production of marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns for its clients. The ingenious machine of MAMi employs musical, visual, and technologically fascinating tools, assembling a matchless presentation for specialized marketing needs.
The corroboration of MAMi Media’s stunning performance is their initial product MAMi Magazine. The publication is the embodiment of the revolutionary conglomeration of trend, achievement and culture. MAMi Magazine boasts a 500,000 circulation via the internet and penetrates another three million subscribers through wireless content. Included in the exceptional cache of MAMi Media is Traffic Magazine for Men: The fusion of Hip-Hop Culture and business savvy, style conscience and family life. Traffic Magazine illustrates how “hip hop grows up.” 
The third annual Charlotte Literary Festival will be held September 6, 2008 at the Charlotte Convention Center. True to its long standing mission, The Charlotte Literary Festival is planned to foster an atmosphere of unity, awareness and growth through literature, art and culture.

The festival not only includes a bevy of best-selling authors, but you will delight to discover songwriters, motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, foundation creators and celebrity literacy advocates alike. This year’s line up includes Susan L. Taylor of Essence Magazine, Linda A. Duggins, co-founder of the Harlem Book Fair, inspirational author Dr. Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway®), Mike Minter (Carolina Panthers), Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith (The Secret, Agape International Spiritual Center), Grammy award winning singer Stephanie Mills, NY Times best selling authors sci-fi master Terry Brooks (SHANNARA trilogy, The Magic Kingdom series) and the controversial Karrine Steffans (Confessions of a Video Vixen), just to name a few. The Charlotte Literary Festival offers an unparalleled invitation for the public to participate in the magic of language through every vehicle available to our society.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, forty vendors will be onsite, your children’s favorite book personalities and live music. Special appearances by The North Carolina Dance Theatre, storytellers, book signings and an arts and crafts fair, make The Charlotte Literary Festival a premiere, do not miss event.

For more information regarding special guests, events, sponsorship, accommodations and media requests, please visit the official website of The Charlotte Literary Festival at www.charlotteliteraryfestival.com.





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Agency Test ID Model Mgmt- Nicole A.

Images of Nicole

Stats: 5’8″, 32-23-34, Dress: 2

Agency Test for ID Model Mgmt – Kaili

Here are Images of Kaili

Stats: 5’11”, 34-23-34 Dress 2

Wonderful Young lady

The Reluctant Critic

Nicole ID Models

Nicole ID Models


Hi All. I know its been a bit but I am re-tooling my blog a lil bit and making a few changes.  This particular blog comes because sometimes I get asked to critique someones photographic work.  Now, I am not by any means think I am qualified to to critique anyone’s work but then again we do have many critics out there, so I guess Ican be one of them.  I know what I like and I what I don’t. I can tell you. Most of the time I am not a nude work fan but that’s cause 99.9% of the time, it seems to be done extremely poorly and almost looks like some guy or girl photographer  just wanted to get some body naked in front of their lens. Granted, as photographers we do need to grow and learn but sometimes, I don’t see growth.  This is part of the reason why I don’t like to give critiques. After who am I to judge someone. But , when I am asked , I am honest and open with my assessment and try my best not to be brutal.

After all, I would expect the same courtesy in return.



New Agency Test For MC2 Model Management – Model Anka

Here are Images from the test of Anka.

Stats: 5’11” 34-25-35 dress- 4

Lady Anka was great to work with and has a great personality. I wish her much Success.