The Reluctant Critic

Nicole ID Models

Nicole ID Models


Hi All. I know its been a bit but I am re-tooling my blog a lil bit and making a few changes.  This particular blog comes because sometimes I get asked to critique someones photographic work.  Now, I am not by any means think I am qualified to to critique anyone’s work but then again we do have many critics out there, so I guess Ican be one of them.  I know what I like and I what I don’t. I can tell you. Most of the time I am not a nude work fan but that’s cause 99.9% of the time, it seems to be done extremely poorly and almost looks like some guy or girl photographer  just wanted to get some body naked in front of their lens. Granted, as photographers we do need to grow and learn but sometimes, I don’t see growth.  This is part of the reason why I don’t like to give critiques. After who am I to judge someone. But , when I am asked , I am honest and open with my assessment and try my best not to be brutal.

After all, I would expect the same courtesy in return.




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