It has nothing to do with their work. I don’t like them as a person.


Hi all. Every once and awhile I come across someones work that is great , down right phenomenal. But as with most of these networking sites these days, you do have the opportunity to interact via a chat client or room. There you can kinda get a handle on the type of person you may be dealing with. Problem is of course some people view as just the net , it doesn’t mean anything but in all honestly it does. If you come of as an asshole, people will think of you as one. Doesn’t really matter whether or not people in the chat may know you personally, you are viewed to a stranger as an asshole. Some say they don’t care and they do not have to. Afterall once they sign off, they have a “real-life”. The truth of the matter is the Internet has become a part of our real lives because there was a time when we did function without it, but it very rare these days for someone not to have an email address, or a website or as it seems to making people’s careers a blog.  So I am sorry if some people feel the Internet isn’t real because it is. It amazes me how people can compartmentalize things. The Internet isn’t real yet we use to find info on real things.  Amazing isn’t it?

But I will tell you , there are some photographers I don’t like and I am sure there ate those that don’t like me. I don’t like people who constantly need the ego stroke, The LOOK AT ME syndrome, If you don’t say hi to me first I will not talk to you. Fucking PRIMAS.   If you are good , know it but don’t let it consume you. There are people who are willing to pay you for your talent so basically the stroke comes from the pay check. If your peers like your work, even better. Try not to make it the expectation that every morning you wake up, somebody better tell me I am good or I will throw  a tantrum.

So not a good look


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