What flavor of Kool Aid you Drinking? Is it grape aka purple or Cherry aka Red? Either way, I want some

Ever notice how some people just don’t know when to mind their own business? Never seems to fail that no matter what someone may be doing, every mofo got their mouths on something they don’t know anything about. The only reason why they think they know something is because they may have heard it from someone else.

It makes me wonder if people really do not have anything going on their respective lives. Does it really affect your world that someone may be doing well and you feel the need to bring them down. As an African-American female or Black woman( believe I am comfortable with both) I have noticed in my race especially that we can’t stand it when one of us uses what God gave us to succeed and actually does it. I can never understand why we have the crab mentality. Don’t ever want someone to better and if they are, they better find a way to hook you up. But I digress.

All your business doesn’t necessarily need to be out in the street but if somehow manages to get there, you may want to re-think the mofo’s you actually tell anything to. You can even test your theory by telling a bold face lie and see how it may come back to you.  You then might be able to tell who to keep close and who to leave on the curbside for NY’s Strongest to come pick up.


Feel Me 😉


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