What a difference a few days can make

well it seems the man upstairs has been stirring up quite a few things. First , the United States of America has its first black president. It has caused some people to be mighty uncomfortable but that is what change does. It causes discomfort and it makes you realize , you have a lil more growing to do.

Secondly,  just when I was going to go on hiatus, I got an idea to go back to how I got started in digital photography. I have decided to go back to basics and not only use my wonderful Nikon D200 but also use my new Panasonic Lumix Point and Shoot.   As they say, its not the tool , but how you use it.  I am doing a B&W City series starting with people who I know and surprisingly my friends are willing to take this journey with me. It amazes me how people can sometimes see in something in you that for some reason you yourself are blind too.

Third, I actually went back into MM shout today and made some new friends and got re-introduced to old ones. New ones actually liking my work and questioning why I am on hiatus and others just wondering where the hell I have been. You don’t realize what impact ( no matter how big or small) you make in someone’s life.  I am not trying to say I was sorely missed, but it felt nice that people did anyway.

I go through an internal battle alot due to photography because I am always comparing to the next man. I will one day realize my turn will come. I just need to be patient. What I do appreciate is that God lets me know when I am supposed to be on break and when I am not.

As mom told me , ” We Plan, God Laughs”   I love how true that statement is. 🙂

I will be beginning my B&W Series on Nov 9th and looking to shoot every sunday continuing into the new year.

I will post images so you can see this photographic journey.




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