Kudos to Goldenboy Photography

My first Kudos goes out to someone near and dear to me.

His name is Jason and he is Principal Photographer at Goldenboy Photography.

His work is solid and he puts alot heart into his images. 

Links to his images are Golden Boy and his MM





New Year …. Time to Celebrate the talented

Hi All.  I have decided for the New Year to give kudos and shout outs to those whose work I love and talent I appreciate.  These shout outs will mostly be photographers but not always. I thank all of those that read my blog. I really do appreciate it.

I will try and do My Kudos weekly.

I wish Everyone a fantastic New Year



A look back at 2008

Hi All. This note has been brewing in my mind for about 2 weeks now.

2008 overall was not a great year. Although, some great things have happened, most of this year was met with some pretty unfortunate events.

It has been a trying year physically, financially, emotionally and mentally not only for me but for those I care for. They always say it has to get worse before it gets better, but my soul feels like over-tempered steel. I sometimes feel like I am about to crack. I myself am tired. Tired of my friends dealing with unfortunate things. I am tried of people making promises and not following through. I am tired over looking over my shoulder wondering if I still may have a job. I am tired of my family being depressed. It hurts that nothing has let up.  It is not that I don’t have the strength to deal. I am just tired of dealing. I am hoping 2009 will bring the equilbrium back. I am not making resolutions, I will just do. I have to change myself but I am getting tired of getting the short end of the stick. I am tried of being treated like I am not worth anything.

I pray that God will bring peace to my soul and my heart. I pray that God will take good care of my family, my extended families and my friends.

This year 08 I have never felt more alone especially in the last 6 months.

I do hope things will change soon.


Rebuilding my book

I am working on rebuilding my fashion/Editorial portfolio. I am looking for new Makeup artists, Hair stylists and Wardrobe stylist to work with. These shoots will be TFCD and you will be working with Agency and agency caliber models.

I am also looking for Models to work with that fit the Fashion / Editorial look

Minimum Height: 5’9″
For Females size 2-4
For Males- Be fit and not overly buff

These will be TFCD shoots so If you want to get paid, this is not the test shoots for you. If you are looking to grow your Books and are in the NYC area, please email me @ dracophotography@ gmail.com


B&W City Series- Magali

Images of one of my Fav MUA’s- Magali



All images copyrighted by Janine Addison / Draco photography

I didn’t quite “Click”……. yet

Hi All. Today I had a meeting with Click model mgmt in hopes of testing for them. I met the agent  and she looked over my book. She was taken aback by my height and said I even looked young but I digress.

She looked through my book for about 4 mins and told me

” You definitely need new models. You need better makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. You should check out magazines like Teen Vogue,  Glamour and W. Once you feel you got it, come see me again.”

I said thank you and she said see you soon.

I was not upset at the critique because in this business it is expected. What did shock me is that she really didnt criticize the photography just the elements within it. So I took it happily and went to B&N and bought my magazines and will be buying more euro fashion magazines.  I am going to take her advice but it doesnt mean I am giving up on my crew. They have been with me through thick and thin and I want to be better for them as well. I leave it God’s hands to send great people my way who are willing to help me progress.



B&W City Series – Nefertiti

Lady Nef allowed me to catch her natural 😉 and she is am amazing person and entrepeneur