Methinks Electronic Devices no longer love me

Hi All. I have been having a fun year with my Cell phones so far. First I bought a behold thinking it could replace my Blackberry. OMG I was so wrong now only realizing my addiction to the Blackberry.

My Phone

My Phone


HI my name is Janine and I am a crackberry addict. 🙂 I feel better to admit it. Anyhoo, once I put the sim card back in the card and updated my account to have blackberry use, I didn’t realize I had to get the phone back on the network. I swear T-mobile must have a customer service call record on me as long as the Constitution 🙂 Then today tried to update the Desktop manager software only to take off every piece of software I had on the phone. I am right now trying to restore it and it is looking good but geez. It only been 6 days into the new year.  I am glad I don’t drive. I don’t even want to imagine what might have happened to my car.








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