Conference call gives a sense of renewed purpose

Hi All.

I just got off the phone with my manager Jameka Whitten of JSW Media Group. I told her about what my plans are for the upcoming Spring. I am making some additions to my photography repertoire.  It will include events and family portraits. I will also be improving my editing skills cause I need to get polished with it and I found a class in the city that can help me improve. I am also going to be taking trips so my hubby and I can see whats out there. As I was telling Jameka about what I wanted to do, she helped me not only figure the ideas are solid but to help improve my business. I will be become a fashion Guru so I can be better at my work. What I love about working with Jameka is she presents challenges and forces me to keep going. She is part of my driving force and I thank god that she is truly patient with me.

I do ask for strength to do what I need to do and help me and my family.





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