Hi My name is Jan and I am a Twitter aholic

Hey Y’all. Yea Im blog crazy today but brain  is firing on all cylinders today.  It s been about a month being on twitter and I can say I am addicted but my addiction I do have under control…. to a point.  While I don’t mind updating what I am up to, I do have people who twitter  ALOT that I am following and it has caused me to turn them off my SMS. It got to the point where it was an lamost ever second update. I lived in fear of the update that reads” I went to the bathroom to do a number 2″.   But I digress. What I have realized is twitter is a wonderful tool for meeting and networking and actually seeing what maybe going on a day to day basis in someone’s life. I have had to nudge someone a few times  just to  see what they are up too.  Im finding new people to follow and surprisingly I am finding people to follow me.

I am still pondering whether to add my twitter updates to my blog, but I dont know if my blog is that active for it yet.

If you want to be part of my twitter crew , my twitter is JanineAdd76.


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