A need to increase my social skills and go out more

Hey all.  I have been going through a plethora of emotions due to the news I got last week. ( Yea I know I am harping on it but unfortunately the only thing I know is if I am not hired by the company by April 30th, I’m laid off)

I found this new book called ” No Job, No Prob” by Nicholas Nigro . It has such wonderful tips on what to do while  unemployed. One of the things he suggested was to get out and enjoy the world.  He mentions how is this age, our social skills have suffered because we have become so online based beings, we sometimes find it hard to communicate with others. I sometimes find myself being a house runner meaning as soon as I leave work, I go straight home.  I do go out sometimes but I am more dinner than drinks so Happy hours don’t do much for me. In the work place, I guess that is anti-social but it seems almost everyone needs a drink to wind down. I use music to wind down so I do love my Ipod.

But in order to enhance my photography business and get myself out there, I have to network. It is just too bad that I dont handle those interactions well. Small talk is weird to me and unfortunately I am a good reader of people so I can kinda read their vibe and my spirit knows who its wants to deal with.

I will try better to get out especially to events I get invited to cause I do get invited by my peoples and it is only right I go out and see what they do.

So have a lil patience with me people. I am working on it. 🙂





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