NYU Stern Business School Fashion Show- La Vie en VERT!

Hi All.

On Friday March 6th, Sue of Sue Rock Originals asked Jason of Goldenboy Photography and I to cover a fashion event being held by NYU. It was a student event with various sponsors. As with college students, there was alcohol involved. Pre show some of the models were drinking. We were all thinking, I hope nobody stumbles on the runway. Thankfully that did not happen. What did happen was a slew of very High profile people in the sense of everybody dressed like they stepped out of a magazine.  Leggings and big shirts and belts , heels and Booties. Very very fashion. The event was held at the west side loft. This is a huge and wonderful space which lady Sue has shown her clothing before. The show didn’t start till 9:30pm. The three hostesses were unfortunately drowned out because for some odd reason even when people are the microphone, people are still rude to continue to talk.  The clothes were great and some of the models were too. Unfortunately there were some who were just walking stiffs. I have attached some images for Pre show and Show.  Enjoy.

All Images are Copyright of Draco Photography.


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