Day 26 album Release – 04-14-09

Yesterday was the album release day for DAY 26. I was assisting Kenya of Official Heat TV and Chuck Holliday of Glamours Edge. Kenya was interviewing the Band yesterday. The interview was supposed to start around 4pm. We did not get to see the guys till 5pm. As Chuck explained to me, that’s the music industry. That completely messed with my on time sensibilities. When we did meet them, they were very down to earth and funny guys, especially Mike and Brian.  The interview was fun and I got some great shots. We then proceeded over to the Album release at Best Buy in Midtown. You should have seen the line outside just waiting for them. Power 105 was there helping with the promotion. Mr Ed Lover himself was on the one’s and twos.  I have attached some images from yesterday. Enjoy

All Images are copyright of Draco Photography


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