New job, New skills to learn, New environment

Hey all. I know long time no write but this new job is definitely teaching this old girl something new. My new job is visual specialist at the new JCPenney opening in the city. For those that may not know, Visual Specialists are responsible for every graphic and mannequin change that happens in the store. The job here is a bit extended because this is a brand new store which will be beautiful. The colors and layouts will give a brightness to the Manhattan Mall that has been dulled due them losing anchor stores over the years. I haven’t been able to contact my friends and since I am not a huge phone person, as you can imagine, I am sucking at communication. That is also to say I haven’t heard from to many of my friends lately but I know e’erybody is busy. 


I also have a new set of people I am working with which means brand new personalities. What I am loving though is that the true colors have already shown in these short 3 weeks  so I am not caught off guard or surprise like I was at my precious employer.  I do like most the people I work with but unfortunately my direct supervisor is rubbing me the wrong way. I don’t know why I am attracting such frenetic people as managers.  What I did learn though, is when things don’t go right or our overall manager gets upset,  My boss is quick to blames others instead of being a supervisor and accepting some responsibility.  It is OK because now I know so I am not blindsided. I do believe she is realizing that I am not over hyper.  Usually now when she talks, I just nod and say ok. I am not gonna stress working anymore. I have been working for 16 yrs now and what I have learned is you just gotta roll with it and it will work out.

Much love to you all. I got homework to do