Top Model — wow

Wow. So as I watch this top model, I again understand why this show caught on the way it has. Get girls together and watch the cattiness fly.  Im sorry Courtney is gone.. Was seriously hoping she would have been around at least to the top four.  It also is surprising that the Bitch role has changed from Bianca to Ashley and Lulu. Those two are now the  interchangable bitch title.  My girl Jennifer worked that dressed tonight. I do hope she makes it at least to top 4.  It just really funny that these chicks are like critiquing everybody when at the end of the day, its the judges opinions that matter. I agree with Nicole that they should leave that shit in the house.

Hehehe Lulu went home…. She quote” I know we  did good this week”  Guess ya didnt. Karma is a bitch. Talking ish about The girl that actually got picked to stay.. Hmmm


Top Model Cycle 13 – Petite part deux

Unfortunately, I missed the episode last week due tohaving to work late but I decided to at least post the images I like from my favs from this season. I will say however that from the images from the last shoot, only Jennifer’s grabs me since she seems to do the most in her image. Everyone else is a little to deer in headlights for me.

Taking Baby steps



I have realized unfortunately painfully, that I need to take baby steps to accomplish my goals.  For one of the first times in my life, I have actually stopped fighting myself and just try new things.  I decided to first figure out what kind of budget I actually have.  Due to what I am earning now, I dont have the discretionary income I did.  Had I been brilliant and started saving then, I would probably be in a better situation. But I cannot dwell in the past for that does nothing but add fuel to fester later.  So seeing my budget actually made me feel a little better.  The next thing I did was to set a goal to get a place to live. I would like to live someplace decent so I am using 1100/month as my goal for rent. Meaning I need to save at least 3 times that to cover all the expenses of getting a place.  This helps me feel better because there is a goal.  Feels good to have a goal.  My third step today was updating my resume and looking for a better pace to work and increase my income.  As I updated my resume, I found jobs that I would not have normally found without actually surfing around and being the frame of mind to do so. I was supposed to do a walk today for one of my friends and although she may be angry at me for not being there, I have accomplished some steps to be there for her and the rest of them later. I am true believer that things happen fo a reason and I was meant to stay home and do my homework both college and personal.

Money is not my main motivation but it helps accomplish certain things and god willing I will be able to save in way that makes sense.

Wish me luck

Ebony Styles International Beauty Salon

Ebony styles is a salon which I have gone to for 10+ years. To say I trust Merna (owner) with my hair is an understatement. She has done my hair from being an inch short to halle berry cuts to weaves to regular bobs. She is always about pro growth and healthy hair. But that’s not all Merna is. Merna makes everyone feel like they are part of her huge family. I have never been to a shop were evryone genuinely loves the owner. Though I don’t get to see Merna often as a should, there is never a time when I don’t feel welcome. The Salon is located on 58th and lexington above Aries Nail salon. Merna and her staff can do almost anything to your hair to make you look beautiful. Love ya Merna 🙂

America’s Next Top Model – Petite Edition



I’ll admit I really did not watch that last season of top model because I felt the formula would be the same. I did decide to watch this season to see the lovely ladies 5’7″ and under.  Of course, it starts out as usual, the casting process and then the chosen 14. Then the makeover that no matter what, there is always someone.  Surprisingly, the two who were in the bottom were the two who Bianca( didnt liked her eyebrows) and Lisa ( they took off her dead ends and she was like eh. What killed me about Lisa is she said “I was the wild card pick so I have to step up” and instead of having fun with her clown outfit, she was almost the like the clown from IT. Too serious and no fun.  And how realistic is to keep Bianca who didnt like her makeup or her outfit to actually stay. That would be have been her first and last job booked. Nobody likes to work with someone difficult. The fact that Rae wore the 8 inch heels and pulled off one of my fav stunner pictures and she couldnt walk in the heels but brought her A game, Bianca needs to learn from her. It also bothered me that Bianca had the nerve to call Nicole weird just cause she is quiet. Granted, Nicole does need to work on her personality a lil bit, but weird I dont think so

This is gonna be a season I will definitely watch till the end.

My Favs


America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13











America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13











America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13











America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13