Taking Baby steps



I have realized unfortunately painfully, that I need to take baby steps to accomplish my goals.  For one of the first times in my life, I have actually stopped fighting myself and just try new things.  I decided to first figure out what kind of budget I actually have.  Due to what I am earning now, I dont have the discretionary income I did.  Had I been brilliant and started saving then, I would probably be in a better situation. But I cannot dwell in the past for that does nothing but add fuel to fester later.  So seeing my budget actually made me feel a little better.  The next thing I did was to set a goal to get a place to live. I would like to live someplace decent so I am using 1100/month as my goal for rent. Meaning I need to save at least 3 times that to cover all the expenses of getting a place.  This helps me feel better because there is a goal.  Feels good to have a goal.  My third step today was updating my resume and looking for a better pace to work and increase my income.  As I updated my resume, I found jobs that I would not have normally found without actually surfing around and being the frame of mind to do so. I was supposed to do a walk today for one of my friends and although she may be angry at me for not being there, I have accomplished some steps to be there for her and the rest of them later. I am true believer that things happen fo a reason and I was meant to stay home and do my homework both college and personal.

Money is not my main motivation but it helps accomplish certain things and god willing I will be able to save in way that makes sense.

Wish me luck


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